When is the right time to call it an end in your relationship?

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Sometimes it can be hard to break up with your partner. It’s hard on both sides as well, whether you are the one breaking up with your partner or you are the one being told it’s over. I have been on both sides of the boat over the years. But the question is not whether you should break up with someone but when do you know it’s the right time. I have seen persons breakup for the most stupid reasons over the years. Then they get back together a week after because they just weren’t ready to leave each other as yet.

I have a recently read a great post on dailymail which is talking about just that written by Sarah Mooney. It’s really an interesting post that I think you can get a lot of value from if you are in the process of breaking up with your partner right now. It’s mainly about the unhealthy signs you will mostly likely see from your partner in a relationship. Which I think is important because knowing these signs will help you to see when your relationship is heading south. Here is an excerpt from the post:

Is YOUR relationship unhealthy? Expert reveals the nine signs that could mean it’s time to end things (including being told you’re too sensitive and comparisons to their ex)

Relationships have the potential to make us incredibly happy but sometimes, we can end up feeling miserable without even knowing why.

It can be difficult to pinpoint the signs of an unhealthy relationship, especially when we’ve invested in and committed to it, and when it might be hard to leave.

Nevertheless, it’s important to give your relationship an accurate appraisal from time to time, so you can identify any problems and work to put them right. Otherwise you could find yourself stuck in a toxic relationship. Continue reading…..

The signs shown in the post are signs you need to look out for to see if your relationship is unhealthy. What you should also keep in mind is that not because your relationship is unhealthy, you must seek a break up. We all know relationships have its ups and downs. You have to know how to deal with that. By the way, if you love your partner so much why in the beginning why not give him/her a second chance.


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