Yoga or pilate, which one do you prefer?


I have done pilate exercises couple of times already in the past but I am not really a big fan of it. It’s great but it just never resonated with me that well. Although they are very similar I tend to like doing yoga exercises more. But at the same time you also have persons out there who love doing pilate exercises over a yoga ones. I remember I even saw this forum thread before on a website that was littered with pilate vs yoga post. You really have some passionate fans of both camps out there.

An interesting post which I found on written by brenden really talks about the benefits of both yoga and pilate. It also have an interesting take on each of them. Here is a part of it below:

Pilates vs yoga: which is better for you?

Pilates and yoga are both fantastic for improving muscular and postural strength. While similar, ‘yoga is made up of a series of static postures and pilates is based on putting yourself into unstable postures and challenging your body by moving your limbs’, says Dawne Likhodedova, founder of Be Pilates. Each practice has its own benefits. Continue reading…..


If you are new to all of this and are on the fences wondering what to start off with. Going with yoga can be good choice, the techniques are more easier to learn and you can get a lot of benefits from it. It all boils down to goals at the end of the day. What are your goals, because if you are interested into extreme fitness routines to push your body to the limit. Jumping into pilate right off the bat wouldn’t be a bad decision either.

Overall from my analysis of the article I find yoga to be the clear winner here (Sorry to all you pilate fans).

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below. 🙂


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