Can you really work less and get more done?


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This question have been puzzling the minds of productivity enthusiasts for decades now and it will continue to do so for some time to come. But here is my take on this whole question which have been asked quite often. Yes, I do believe that we can do less work and get more done. But on the other side it depends as well because I have known persons who have worked in the scientific field. That have toiled through long hours on a daily basis to get through their experiments and it was worth it. Over all, I think that the majority of persons working hard and putting in more hours can get the same result. Or even close to it by doing less work.


New way of doing things

That’s why right now you have companies that are allowing their employees to work less hours per week. The results are also pretty positive because they found out that their employees get the same amount of work done. Additionally they are much happier and productive. One of the ways they get this done is to cut out office politics or atleast reduce it and keep track of employee performance.  I think most persons have done this already atleast once throughout high school or even in higher level education. When he/she would wait until the day before a work is due to actually sit up all night and do it. I have done this countless of times. I did it out of laziness because either I was playing video games or I was doing something else to occupy my time.


valuable lesson

Looking back now I kind of learned something valuable from those experiences. Obviously it is the fact that I could really get things done in less time. For example the teacher would give me a work to be done in a week. If I should calculate the time I was given to get the work done. It would more than an hundred hours and I actually got it done in less than 15. What contributed to me completing the work, was that I developed the urgency to get it done and there was an incentive for me to do it at that time.

If there are no incentives to do something more than likely you are not going to do it. If you have something that need to be done right now and it’s really urgent. You are going to do it because if you don’t do it there maybe consequences. On the other hand if you have something that should be done in a week or two and there are no incentives to do it now. You are going to probably put it off a little and let other things occupy your time. As a result of that it’s going to lead you to take longer to finish it.

It’s better

One of the main ways to work less and get more done is to actually improve your focus and try to see every work you get as urgent. I don’t mean to quickly finish a work and get it done poorly. But change your mindset towards getting the work done. Some persons see their work as more fun than an actual job and this helps them. Reducing procrastination is also another way to get more done by working less. If you should calculate the amount of time persons use to procrastinate in the work place weekly. You would be amazed of how much work they could’ve get done if they did use that time wisely.


Wrapping up

So as you can see for all you workaholics out there like myself at times, working less can actually be a good thing. Sometimes it’s not how hard you work its how much work you get done.


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