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Do you ever wonder why trees grow so tall? Just think about it for a second, look out side where ever you are right now. Stare at a tree and just let that thought sink in your brain. Well let’s get to the spoiler moment; the reason why trees tend to grow so tall is because they are super focused on growth. We as humans can learn a lot from that as well. If trees did have the same mentality most of us have as humans. Such as the fear of failure for example probably they wouldn’t have grown so tall.


Couple months ago when I went out camping and was walking throughout the forest. I was amazed of how vast and diversified Mother Nature was, I saw butterflies flying around the atmosphere. I eve a bee hive on a tree branch (at that moment I remembered Winnie the poo). But apart from all of that, I was really intrigued by the tall trees around continuously growing to absorb as much sunlight as possible to sustain their well-being.

While wondering around, a thought struck my mind which was about, why can’t humans get more of this trait that most trees have, which is continuous growth. If everyone or most persons did have that sort of mentality to say, “Okay I am going to live my life around the vision of continuous growth, where I am going to improve all the areas of my life”. A lot of persons probably would’ve lived a happier and fulfilled life.


One of life main purposes is about growth. We all have areas in life where we know we should do better in. The time you stop growing and expanding your skillsets in life, are the time you are going to be at a huge disadvantage. If trees did have certain mentalities that we have. Probably they wouldn’t have grown tall enough to be fruitful and feed other animals in their eco-system.
From the moment that tree was small enough to fit in your hand. The only thing that’s on its mind is to grow as tall as possible and be the king of the forest. It’s up to you know what areas in your life that you need to grow in. Whether in relationships with your families or partner, business life, personal life, health etc. It’s all up to you. A simple task you can do is to write down the different areas in your life you want to see growth in over a period of time. Probably over a year and get to work on it.


For example suppose you want to be healthier. One of your goals then would be to slowly transition into eating the right food and exercise more often over a 6 month period. You can then get to work quickly in order to grow in that direction. This simple tip will really help you with your personal development.


On your way to growth you are going to be faced with failure but don’t be afraid of failure. If you don’t give up, you will succeed eventually. Even trees have to go through a lot in order to go grow as well. Sometimes they might have forest fires, flooding which causes soil erosion etc. You know what the amazing thing is. More often the trees always spring back up and continue their mission of growth.


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