Become a beast

ways to be successful


Ways to be successful

Are you tired of your life? You are trying to get somewhere in your life but you just can’t seem to get there. You are afraid of being embarrassed, your goals are too big (which is a good thing), you want to make a change but you just don’t know what to do. There is alot of persons in this society who view their lives this way. They also have a lot of other excuses that persons make in their lives to justify their failures. But I don’t think persons should make this stop them at all from reaching their goals.

Become a beast

One of the ways to be successful right now in your life is to become a beast. What I mean of beast in this context is that I want you to become so hungry for success that when you are working towards your goal. You don’t want anyone to even call you whenever you are in beast mode. Because they know that they are not going to like it already. Have you ever watched those movies where the bosses or the business owner becomes like a total asshole to their employees whenever they are working and trying to figure things out?

That’s what I call the beast mode. Whenever someone is in the beast mode they are 100% focused on the task that they are doing on hand. They don’t want anyone to call them or not even text them because they are completely focused. Whenever you make the decision to become a beast, no failure or even a huge setback can affect you. You are so laser focused on your goal that every single day you wake up you are just pushing the boundaries on what you can do.

Just do it!!!!!!!!!!

The beast mode is a place where I think most persons really should strive to be. I hate when persons say that they are “trying” to achieve success. When they say “trying” it just make it seems as if they are not going to give their full effort, because they are “trying” to see if something will work. Instead, what I would like them to say is that they have to achieve a certain objective no matter what. That’s a huge part of how persons with the beast mentality think. They don’t care how much work it’s going to take, time, resources etc. Because deep down they know that they are going to make it and they have no excuses whatsoever of why they can’t achieve it.


They have that winner mentality, the only thing that is on their mind is winning. They don’t care about the outside forces that is going to affect them such as the negativity from friends, families, business failing etc. That’s the type of person I want you to become. Someone who have that beast mentality to achieve your goals in life. If you should look at persons like top sports athletes, they have a very insane work ethic. They don’t get angry or tired of those every day work outs. Even if they get angry about it they don’t make it bother them at all, because they understand that it’s their duty to succeed and no one else.


That’s the type of person you should strive to be. You should always aim to become a beast.



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