5 tips to reduce weight

tips to reduce weight


We all would like to lose weight, be fit and slim all the time. But all of this comes at a cost. Losing weight can be difficult at times due to the amount of work we have to put in. When we usually think of losing weight, we always think of someone exercising on a daily basis, lifting weights, doing push-ups etc. These actions are all a part of the equation of losing weight. But you also have other methods you can add into the mix that can help you to lose weight faster or even better.

Here are 5 tips to reduce weight which can help your weight loss strategy to be better.


Keep an eye out for stimulants

When you are in the daily process of reducing weight, if you are constantly consuming stimulants such as coffee. It can have a bad effect on your hormones which would impact your weight. Try your best to consume as little of those substances as you can if any at all. Instead you should eat more vegetables, fish, eggs etc.

Skip nightly eating

The effects of nightly eating always tend to catch certain weight loss enthusiasts off guard. I personally used to do it and then I stopped after I found out how it’s not contributing to me losing any weight at all. Now I tend to not eat over 6 p.m. due to the effects of it.  You don’t have to eve go the extreme route. Weekly you could reserve a day or two to eat on the weekend on a night out.


Eat more protein if you haven’t already

No matter what they say, protein should be an important part of your diet. Sometimes the lack of protein will leave you craving for biscuits and other short snacks throughout the day that can add to make you fat. Paying attention to the details is important. Even skipping meals can lead to you craving snacks throughout the day.


Stay away from fatty and artificial sweet foods

I remember when I was younger, every single day I was at the super market buying candies and sweet snacks. But overtime I noticed that it wasn’t helping my health and weight loss regime. Now I am encouraging you to do the same if you are currently glued to the candy section of the supermarket where those artificial flavored snacks are. Eating these will only allow you to want more.  We all know the results of persons travelling down this path already.


Eat lightly throughout the day

It’s usually better to eat lightly like for example 5 times throughout the day than to eat 3 heavy meals. Because when you starve yourself at times and skip meals, you tend to overeat after you have eaten your dinner for example or breakfast. I used to do this in college when I have a lot of work to do but the side effects of those actions never worth it. It would be better you eat light and healthy meals like nuts, oatcakes etc.


All these tips to reduce weight will help and improve your results rapidly. It might be hard to do in the short term but if you keep at it, you would surely form a worthwhile and healthier habit.


Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below.


Written by: Mark

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