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Hello guys, welcome to our little personal life journal. In this section we are going to share thoughts on our life and we hope this can motivate and inspire others out there.


My awakening

Couple years back I was reading a self-development book and I was really amazed, even up to this day about what the author said about time. I don’t remember it clearly but if I should rephrase it a little bit, it would probably be, we all have 24 hours a day. Both the rich, the poor, the successful and the unsuccessful and it’s the way how we make use of that time which determines our success in life.

Looking back at that day when I saw those lines in the book. Something went off in my mind and I was like, “Yes that was it, the way we make use of our time on a daily basis determines our success”. Everyone have the same amount of time daily. No matter who you are, we all have the same 24 hours.


Time is a very precious resource that once it’s gone you will never get it back. You just have to keep going and ensure you don’t waste any more time. There is no way you can say you want to be successful in life. While you are at home watching television for 7 hours in a single day, that’s ridiculous.

What makes it even worse is that people know that if they waste time on unnecessary things in their lives, they are not going to be successful. Yet they still end up wasting time. That’s one of the reasons why everyone can’t be successful because of the simple fact that they don’t want to be.

You can do it

There are no secret to success. The content is already out there on YouTube, Google, amazon etc. It’s just you got to search for the information and invest the time to learn and implement it. It’s going to take time and a lot of work but it’s going to definitely be worth it.

The person I am today, I have to invest a lot of time to change my character, thoughts, belief system etc. At first it was hard for me to sit down and read a Brian Tracy book. But over time, it’s as easy as eating a snack. I also get more out of it than eating a snack as well both for the short and long term.

A lot of persons often said they don’t have the time to read a book. I just see that as damn lazy. If you read a page a day for one year, that’s 365 pages. Often times that’s more than an entire book which can help you out for the long term. A page would take probably a minute to read. You just have to have the will power to do it.

Don’t be that person at 75 saying if you just had enough time you would’ve done something better with your life. We have too much of those type of people already. Lay out a plan for your life, financially, spiritually, relationship and health. Next work towards executing that plan. Don’t waste your time on unnecessary persons and activities that is not going to add any value towards your life.


You will surely regret it later. Separate yourself from the pack and create a different path in your life that is going to give you a wonderful reward. It’s going to be tough at first to make the necessary changes that is going to bring value to your life, but it will be worth it.


Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below. 🙂


Written by: Mark

Author: personalachieverz

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