The importance of optimizing your life

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Taking your life to the next level

Optimizing your life is all about taking it to the next level. If you should look at high achievers they are continuously optimizing their life. They are always evaluating their life and themselves to spot areas of weakness where they could improve on. I feel like that’s how most persons should live their lives if they want to be successful. You have to always optimize different areas of your life to ensure everything is working properly. It’s like a quote I heard couple years ago. If I should paraphrase what he was saying it would be, “If men should treat their life like a car, a lot of person’s life would be much better”.

He went to explain what he was saying by that statement. What he really meant was that when a car is broken down normally persons would hurry to fix it. If their car needs gas, persons would quickly go to the gas station and fill it up. If it’s dirty they would wash it off, if they think their car needs a better performance they would optimize it. Persons don’t fix their lives the way they would do a vehicle. Some of them just live and don’t even know that their life is falling apart.

Some of them don’t even care. I always tell my friends that they have to become more aware of themselves. If your life is in the gutter right now or you are stuck. You have to take a step back and analyze the different areas in your life that’s causing that problem. Next you can optimize those areas. As I have stated before in my earlier posts you have to constantly seek growth. Everyday you have challenge yourself to become a better you.

Educate yourself

Read books, go to seminars, network with persons who you think are much smarter than you and know about a certain field you want to get into. Additionally you should find mentors who can guide and support you. The secret of success in life is that there aren’t any and a lot of persons should know that by now. What I would say is that success leaves tracks and if you follow in the path of a successful person, more than likely you are going to be successful. For example let’s look at families who have generation upon generation of lawyers, doctors, scientists etc.

Each generation followed the path of their past generation. Some might not get the same rate of results but at the end of the day most of them were successful. Personally I always love to read autobiography of successful persons. I may not be as successful as they were but I get to understand the psychology behind how they got successful. Next I would try to incorporate what I have learnt into my life. When it comes onto optimizing your life. I would advise you to set goals and targets that you could reach in a couple of months time or even over a year.

What you could also do is every week or two, sit for an hour and just evaluate your plans and see how they are going. Work on the weak areas and strengthen the strong ones.


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