7 skills you need for the new economy

The new economy


The new economy is upon us and everything is about to change. From the way how we communicate, work, live etc. Being prepared for the new economy is going to be really important. Those who aren’t prepared will be left behind. A huge sector of the new economy which is being shaken up right now is the transportation.

The industry right now is being flipped on its head due to new innovations in self-driving cars, new forms of energy etc. As a result of that, the taxi drivers and oil industry is going to take a big hit. Next that is going to have an effect on the job market because a lot of persons are not going to be equipped enough for any job. Overall a lot of persons are going to take a hit.

Only those with the right set of skills and mindsets will survive. I am working on a lot of skills right now in order to be ready for the new economy, and below I am sharing 7 of the most important ones which I think can benefit you as well.


Quickly learn and unlearn skills

It’s going to be hard for schools to keep up with the new economy. Everything is changing so fast, that what you might learn today might be obsolete tomorrow. So you have to keep up with the trends in terms of what are the most important skills that is required today and how can I acquire them. The days when you used to go to college, graduate and then get a stable job for 20 years are long gone.

Since the 21st century or late 20th century in the technology revolution a lot of those old ways of doing things are being wiped out. Look at skills these days the same way you go to supermarket and purchase groceries. That is by evaluating quality of the skill and its expiry date. You might learn a skill and waste your time on something which is going to be totally unnecessary going forward.


Creativity is going to be a really valuable skill going forward. The ability to come up with new and revolutionary thinking will be very vital to help with the world’s future current and future challenges. So instead of thinking in a linear fashion, think exponentially.



The world is going to get really tough. The markets are going to get really competitive. Only the ones that tough it out, is going to survive. You can’t sit on your laurels if you have failed one or two times in this new economy. The time you take licking your wounds, someone is going to beat you to the prize. You have to keep moving and coming up with new ideas and strategies at the same time.


Think differently

The ability to think differently by separating yourself from the pack and venturing into the unknown is going to be really important. Especially when you want a job, bosses love employees who can think differently from the rest and see things that they don’t see. That’s how innovation is born and the ones that can do that will surely bring in a new stream of products and ideas into the world.



The world is really getting more complex. The ability to manage yourself and life is getting harder. Sometimes I don’t even remember to do simple little stuffs around the house because I have so many things to do. I am reading a blog, watching a YouTube video, replying to emails, answering calls etc. All of those are done in a 10 minute span. Managing your life will become a true skill that a lot of persons are going to profit off of teaching couple years from now.


Good decision making skills

We are going to be in a world of endless choice and opportunities. It’s going to be hard for all of us to keep up and stay ahead of the curve. In a world of endless choices, good decision making skills will become very valuable. Because each decision we make in the different parts of our lives whether it be financial, personal etc. will have a huge impact on our lives which can be either negative or positive. So choose wisely.


Wrapping up


I hope you find this useful. It’s one of the most important posts I have written in a while. The world is changing fast and the ones that can adapt will survive. You have a lot of other skills out there that you must learn as well, but as a starting point these will surely put you a step above the rest.



Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below. J


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