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You are working towards your goal whether that is in life, business, relationship etc. But you have reached at a point where your objective seems very far away. It’s like looking out at the horizon seeing a sunset. So you start to now put in a mediocre performance. Which download will definitely lead to poor output and cause your project to fail. Or your goal might be finished but the result is not quite what you had been hoping for.


I have been caught in this situation a lot of times. I remember working on projects where I started and just never finished because it just looks impossible to finish. I would usually be like, “Hey, I got two hands and two feet, there is no way I can finish this amount of work in that period of time”. What happens after that is I just open the fridge. Then grab a can of beer and watch an NBA match (go Lakers!!!!).

But I wouldn’t personally recommend that routine to anyone, looking back to those days it still makes me cringe. Because I used to waste a lot of time and never had no patience at all. My mentor would usually tell me, “Young man listen, you need to have more patience and trust the process”. But I just never listened. It took me one day, when I was hanging out with my friends. We were just laughing and having a good time. They were drinking alcohol and I was drinking water (cough, cough boring).


A thought then came to my mind and I remembered that I had a project to be finished by the end of the week. At that moment I told my friends that I got some work to do and I’ll hang out with them some other time.  I hurried home on a cabby and get to work immediately. Luckily I finished the work but it was done poorly. It’s simply because I rushed through it and I never had enough time. Despite the fact that it was finished poorly I still did get it done. At that moment I smiled and said to myself, “this wasn’t all that bad after all”. If I did start the work from the beginning I know that I would’ve done it way better.


But what I have learnt mainly from that experience is that. Sometimes when you are starting a project or working towards a goal. At first it might seem like there is a lot of work to get done. Don’t let that be your excuse for not starting the project or even carry it through if you had started already.


I remember when I used to waste a lot of time playing video games instead of doing my homework. Next went to school the next day and tell my teacher that my dog ate it (great excuse right).


It’s important to take baby steps. If you just look at your goal as this one huge piece of block. You have to carry from one place to another with your bear hands. Maybe you are not going to even start because your mind is going to trigger off in a certain direction. And you are going to start to think about a lot excuses why you must not get the work done.


If on the other hand you look at your goal and analyze it. Next break it up into small manageable chunks that you know you can manage. Things will get way easier. When you start to accomplish those small tasks and they began to add up. Then you began to see progress little by little. This will give you confidence to push it even further.


Maybe you can even turn up the notch a little and do even more work to complete it even faster.


Thank you for reading and feel free to comment.  🙂

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