5 risk of suffering from depression

suffering from depression


Over the years throughout my personal experience and of others, depression can have negative impact on a person’s life. If a person is currently suffering from extreme levels of depression and they are not properly treated it can lead to even death. What scares me is not depression itself but the lack of education about it among society. This can lead to persons living with depression and don’t even know it. That’s why I always write post about depression in order to spread awareness about it.

Living with depression without it being treated can be pretty risky. It can affect your health in so many ways. Below is list of 5 risk that is involved for persons who are living with depression.


  It worsens diabetes and heart disease

If you are troubled with diabetes and heart disease, being diagnosed with depression can make things really worse. Especially if you are an elderly person, you have to be very careful. The best advice I can give is to set an appointment with your doctor, get help and also take the proper medication when they are prescribed to you.


Increase the chance of obesity

I knew a friend who went through this in his forties. After he got divorced from his wife after 15 long years he went into a horrible depression. He gained up to 200 pounds in an entire year. It was pretty horrible. Although he is a better and wiser person now, whenever we talk about that rough patch in his life his tone usually changes and I can see that it still have some effect on him. But the point I am trying to make is when you are depressed, it’s going to be easy for you to gain weight. Especially given the fact that you are probably going to feel lazy and uninterested to do anything productive.


The risk of weakening in the immune system

If a person has been suffering from depression, at some point their immune system is going to get weak and it’s going to be hard for their bodies to fight against certain diseases. This is really scary when you put this into perspective. I even heard horror stories of how persons developed cancers because of this. A way to fight this is to take good care of your health. Exercise regularly even if you don’t feel like it. Keep a slim and nutritious diet. Lastly take your prescription.



Decline in physical appearance

Depression can affect your physical appearance. Normally you seem to look older and worn down. Persons are probably going to even notice it as well if you have serious levels of depression. When I was troubled with depression I looked way older than my typical age. Persons got my age wrong at times and sometimes they were way off. You could see the deep bags under my eyes, stress marks on my face, grey hair. I looked pretty horrible. Depression can really make you age more quickly than normal in terms of physical appearance.


Increase in physical pain

Some persons suffering from depression will usually see that they tend to be vulnerable to more pain than usual. They’re joints tend to hurt more and other areas of their body. If you are an older person you are going to be opened to the risk of even developing arthritis.


All these risks shown above are to give you a perspective on how dangerous depression can be. If you are one of those unlucky ones suffering from depression, it’s important to get help. The risks that depression carries are too unhealthy to handle alone.

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below.

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