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When I hear entrepreneurs talk about they want to make a million dollars or whatever huge amount of money. I always stop them on their tracks and ask them one of the most important questions in business. What problems are you solving and what is your value proposition behind it? Thinking about making money is great and I tend to drift into that route sometimes. I don’t make it consume my mind like how wannabe entrepreneurs do. Because business is all about providing value and giving as much as you can. When you do that, in return all those giving will come back right back to you in cash and in loyal customers.

Customers don’t care about your needs

Even if you want to succeed in your market, you have to ensure that your company is the one providing the most value to customers. If everyday you are thinking about your selfish needs, it’s going to be hard for you to actually be successful or it will limit your capacity of thinking. Your customer’s interest comes first and that’s what you should focus on. Additionally as a customer I don’t give a damn if the CEO of the shoe company that I am going to buy from want to buy mansion or a yacht. I just care about the shoes and whether or not it’s the right pair of shoes for me.

I know that a lot of customers feel the same way as well. We don’t care about the ceo’s selfish desires, we only care about what a certain company can do for us. That’s the same mindset I used towards business. Being customer oriented and try to provide as much value as I possibly can at all times. If you are on the verge of starting a business, you should always think about providing more value to your customers. Thinking about that million dollar dream house is great but you should also come back to reality and think about the value you are going to provide to customers first. Then they will give you money you want to buy that house.

Most successful entrepreneurs do it

Most successful entrepreneurs don’t think about money all the time. They know that there is going to come a point in their business that they are going to make a certain amount of money. That will allow the m to don’t think about it anymore. If and when they reach that point they would then have to find a new motivation. Thinking about your customers and how you are going to provide better value to them should be your motivation from the beginning. Being customer oriented will allow you to continuously think about your customer’s problems. That will then allow you to generate more business ideas and help to increase profits for your organization.

If you are not implementing this strategy already it would be great if you start to implement it right away. Overtime you will start to see that it’s the best decision you probably ever made. Because it will change the way how you do business and think about your business model.


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