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stretching benefits

Stretching have a been a huge part of how we as humans exercise for hundreds of years. As a matter of fact any movement that allows you to move a part of your body to the point where there is an increase in the movement of a joint can be placed in the stretching exercise category. I tend to do stretches a lot on a daily basis, they have also helped me to heal my lower back pain problem in the past. Furthermore I even stretch every time before I do yoga to give me as much flexibility as possible. That also helps me to move my joints more freely.

There are a lot of benefits of why daily stretching exercises is important. A list of those benefits can be seen below.


Help to reduce muscle pain

Stretching can be used to reduce muscle pain. There were countless of times when I came home from work with my arm muscles paining me and 30 minutes of stretching helped to ease it all out. Look at even athletes or body builders, their muscles tend to pain them from time to time and by doing a bit of stretching, it helped them.


Joint mobility

As I have stated before about doing stretching exercises before I do yoga. It helps my joints to become more flexible and mobile. We all know that to do certain yoga techniques you have to have a certain level flexibility. Performing stretching exercises really helped me to stretch my joints. But outside of doing yoga, it can help to keep your joints more mobile. So you can do certain tasks and prevent cramps. I remember this one time when I was lifting up a bag of garbage outside the house. I felt a huge cramp in my joint, I laughed at myself at that moment because I know that I haven’t performed any stretching activities in a while.


Prevent lower back problems

Back problems are pretty common these days. Especially for persons who have to sit at the computer all day. That’s one of the reasons why company executives are investing heavily into office ergonomics. Doing stretching might not cure your back pain but it will definitely help to ease the pain a little. But I have heard of persons who have found stretching to be really helpful with their back pain.


Better posture

You might be laughing at this benefit right now but it’s really true. Stretching can help with improving your posture over a period of time. I have heard of couple persons who have seen amazing results with this.


Better motion

Stretching can help to give you better motion. Look at persons who do gymnastics, they do a lot of stretching daily because they need to do that in order to perform those sometimes impossible breathtaking tricks. I tend to see that I now have better motion as well since I have really taken my stretching exercises seriously.


Performing stretching exercises on a daily basis is important. All these stretching benefits above are here to show you how powerful performing stretching on a daily basis can be.


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