Steps to divorce.Do you really think you’re ready?

steps to divorce

Every time someone tells me that they are getting divorced. I always feel both angry and sorry for them at the same time. In my mind I am wondering why they even get married in the first place. I understand that marriage can be hard and sometimes both partners may feel like it’s time to move on. But sometimes person’s reasons for divorce can be pretty sloppy. For example I was reading about the husband who divorced his wife because the relationship began to head south ever since they had their second child.

I understand that sometimes children can come in the way of relationship, but I think as a male he should’ve handled that situation better. That’s no excuse in my book to cause someone to divorce. That’s why I decided to write this post. I am not ranting against someone wanting to divorce because marriages can be complex. I have written about that already, but from time to time you really tend to have poor excuses of why persons would want a divorce.


Think before signing a prenup

If you are in a marriage right now and at the back of your mind you are thinking about prenup agreements and all those legal stuff. I know that’s to stay on the safe side. But I just think those types of thinking will help to bring a certain form of anxiety within your marriage. You will began to think that this may not last forever and occasionally you may start to behave as such. I know that it’s important because it’s there to protect your assets but just think deeply about whether you want to sign a prenup if you really claim you “love” someone.


Maybe you are the problem

Another problem I hate when persons file for divorce is that they always blame the partner. They never want to take any of the criticism. They are just throwing all the blame on their partner.  But I wonder if they ever think that they are the problem. Because normally if the things around you want to change, you need to change out of it. In the case of marriages for instance, both you and the partner needs to change. When the both of you work things out together its better that way.


In closing make sure that whenever you are thinking about steps to divorce, ensure that you really need it. Don’t just divorce because you can, try your best to work things out. Divorce should be the last thing on your mind in marriage. Do you remember those old movies where the last option left is to press the red button if everything else fails, that’s how divorce should be. You should try as much things as possible in order keep the ship afloat before the both of you decide to retreat. Sometimes the difficult moments in a relationship helps to make the both of you stronger. You should become aware of that.


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