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Every day I get to see more and more how important meditation is to society. This really show me that meditation is growing very rapidly and is taking it’s little trickling into mainstream or persons are becoming aware of how effective it can be. In the study the student used a web based application called smiling mind. This could allow them to learn simple meditation techniques such as the breathing technique.

The results were huge because they have found a drop in bullying and the students started to behave much better and not disruptive while in class. Here is an article about it written by Kristie kellahan from

Meditation trial at Victoria schools improves sleep, concentration and behavior

A groundbreaking research study funded by the Victorian Government has found that mindfulness meditation can lead to improved quality of sleep, less anxiety and better exam results for students.


During a trial at 12 Victorian schools, 2000 students had the opportunity to meditate and learn breathing techniques from Smiling Mind, a free web- and app-based program. Click to continue read…….


This really goes to show us how powerful meditation can be. Look at even this other written by John vibes at the which goes to show us how they have used meditation as means to punish students. So instead of giving them harsh punishments they let them meditate instead to wind down. Could this be the future, here is part of the article below.

An Elementary School Has Kids Meditate Instead Of Punishing Them and the Results are Profound


Baltimore, MD – It was recently reported that Robert W. Coleman Elementary in West Baltimore will be taking a new and holistic approach to disciplining students. Instead of punishing them or sending them to the principal’s office, administrators will now be sending children to “the mindful moment room” where they will be able to meditate and wind down.

The new policy has been in place for over a year, and in the time that the meditation room has been set up, there has actually been no suspensions throughout the entire year.


The program is an initiative organized by the Holistic Life Foundation, a Baltimore-based nonprofit organization committed to nurturing the wellness of children and adults in underserved communities. Click to continue read….


In wrapping things up it seems clearly to me that schools are now becoming more flexible and incorporate a more holistic approach in how they handle children on a daily basis.

I really like the looks of how everything is going and how meditation is getting the respect it deserves.


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