Productivity apps you should definitely have on your smartphone

As an advocate for productivity I always tend to search for the next big thing in the productivity. Or the next cool app that can help me out on a daily basis. I always tend to download them no matter how popular or unpopular they are. Even if I am going to just try each one for 10 minutes it’s totally worth it. For example the way how I found evernote was that I was watching a talk on youtube by the founder and I was inspired by his speech about entrepreneurship. So I decided to give his cool app a try and it was worth it to be honest.

The design and just the ease of use of the entire product was a great. I found this great article written by Lynne D Johnson on black enterprise which talked about the 7 productivity apps your smartphones should have. Although I have tried out most of them already. I am sharing them with you because probably you might find one that you like. Here is an excerpt of the article below.

7 Productivity Apps Your Smartphone Needs Now

Anyone who strives to get better at doing business this year, by making the best use of their time while spending more time on the most essential tasks, is going to need a little help.

Some people use methods like the pomodoro technique; using a timer to focus on one single task for 25 minutes. Others may like to work using the 80/20 rule, also known as the pareto principle; whereby 80% of outcomes are produced by 20% of the incoming efforts. Now that we rely more heavily on our smartphones, there are a slew of apps available on the market that aim at helping us achieve ultimate productivity. Continue reading…


It’s a great resource for persons who are really interested to improve their productivity. They also have evernote on the list, which I would recommend anyone to atleast give a try who haven’t already because it’s just that amazing. Hopefully you find this list useful.






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