Why it’s important to have a productive life

productive life


It should be a part of your lifestyle

I have spoken a lot about productivity on this blog due to the fact that it’s so important. Some persons may look at productivity as a group of activities that you should adhere to on a daily basis. While you have others who see it as a lifestyle. I am more leaning to the lifestyle category because that’s where I think most successful persons tend to be as well. As a matter of fact it’s required to make productivity a part of your lifestyle. You must make it seem so natural that you don’t have to think about being productive on a daily basis.

If you are a beginner, living a productive life can be difficult. At first you would have to learn how to think and act productively. I wasn’t the person I am now when I first started. My lifestyle was similar to someone who fits the description of living in a rut. Idling on social media, watch funny cat videos on YouTube, going out a lot and partying. I lacked direction in my life and I wasn’t thinking forward enough about my future on what I want to get out of life.

I made a decision

The day I decided that I can’t live like this any longer is the day when I really start to pay attention to my time, setting to do list, setting goals, being focused, reduce procrastination etc.  Even when I first started, trying to be productive on a daily basis was hard. It took months of will power to really turn being productive into a discipline until it seems normal. I am expecting you to go through the same process as well. It may seem difficult at first but as you go through the daily grind of trying to be a better productive person. You will surely start to see results in your life. Your family, business, health and spiritual life will all improve.

Because the magic behind productivity is that once you have chosen to be productive in one area, for example let’s say in your business life. You are going to start to see the cracks in other areas of your life that would need to be optimized. For me personally I notice this started to happen after a couple of months trying to be productive. When I started to optimize my financial status. I started to look at how horrible I was handling the other areas of my life. These include education, spiritual, relationships and health.

Be mentally strong

A great benefit of why living a productive life is important now than ever is because it’s so easy not to be productive. We are all one step away from idling. We have notifications on our phone constantly popping up, social media, gossip blogs, mobile games etc. All these will be there to stop you from doing what you are supposed to do. You have to be mentally strong in order to prevent that or else overtime you are going to just going to be right back where you were ,wasting time and not being focused enough.

By being productive it will help you to develop the proper habits. In order to achieve the success you want to see in your life.


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Written by: Sally

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