7 ways for overcoming low self esteem

overcoming low self esteem


We all have low self-esteem at some point in our lives. We feel like we are not worth anything or we are starting to doubt our abilities. But despite that, I don’t think it’s healthy to be in a low self-esteem mode all the time. Because it can really affect confidence and just the way how we live our lives. It can even prevent us from even achieving our goals in life. If your self esteem is low right now in your life, below are 7 tips that can help you out.


Stop criticizing yourself so often

When you criticize yourself all the time, you will develop this habit of always being judgmental of your abilities. Sometimes this can be toxic because suppose you achieve a certain goal in your life and you criticize yourself by saying that you could’ve done way much better. By being so self-critical all the time instead enjoying your accomplishment will affect your self esteem.


Go outside and make friends

This is a trick that a lot of my friends used to use back in college. They used to just go outside into the city and talk to random persons. It was hard at first because they have to break through the barrier of shyness but after a while when they start to do it regularly. You can really see that  they have came out a more confident person. This has even helped them later in their careers.


See failure as a learning process

Failure can be detrimental at times to your self-esteem, but only if you let it be that way. The reason why I am even saying that is because when persons fail. They usually beat their selves up for it and start to doubt their abilities. This can affect negatively the way how they act and view their selves. You should instead see failure as a stepping stone, something that you could learn from.


Stop comparing yourself against others

Continuously comparing ourselves against other persons all the time isn’t healthy at all. For example let’s say you want to become a basketball player and you are continually comparing yourself against others and saying they are better than you and you will never become like them. Talks like this can affect your self esteem. Instead you should feel good about yourself and your skill. Work hard towards improving your skill and over time you may catch up to them.

But if you constantly compare yourself with others you are going to focus on them and not yourself.



Meditating will help you to connect with yourself on a much spiritual level. When you practice this on a regular basis and you connect with your inner self so to speak. You will get to see that you are really unique. You will also start to feel grateful for the different things that are in your life. I find that meditation helps me a lot in feeling good about myself and help me to understand myself more.


Stop worry so often

If you are worrying all the time about simple little things in your life, you might want to rethink the way how you think and live. Worrying can really affect your self esteem. It will also help you to develop this toxic mindset in which you worry all the time about simple little things that isn’t really worth worrying about.


Be grateful for what you have

This can be an extension of the prior tip. Being grateful for what you have in your life right now can really help to boost your self esteem. I find this tip worked well for me as well, even when I was broke I used to feel grateful for health and well-being.


Wrapping up

All these tips will help you in overcoming low self esteem, which is stopping a lot of us from pushing to our full potential. Hopefully you find these tips useful.


Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below. 🙂


Written by: Mark

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