Overcoming fear of failure

overcoming fear of failure


It’s a part of life

In life we all have ups and downs. It’s inevitable. We can be on the high today and be on the low end of things tomorrow. That’s just how life works. But over the years through networking and meeting new friends. I am tired of seeing this trend among persons. They are always afraid of failure.

Story time

For example I was talking to this lady the other day. She was telling me how she wants to start a business and be in control of her own life. The only road block was that, she was afraid to fail.

She never wanted to take the risk and deal with the fear of failure. She just wanted to stay average until she’s old and gone. That’s what frustrates me a lot about a lot of persons in life. They all know that deep down they want to achieve great things but yet still they can’t because they are afraid of what could happen if they fail. For some persons this can be a legitimate excuse because at times you have to ensure that you have a backup plan of some sort to fall back on if things go badly.

Just do it!!!!!!!!

It doesn’t make sense to bet your car or house on a venture because at that time you might have everything to lose. Although on the other hand, persons have done that before and it have worked out quite well. Every time or most of the time when I am starting something new like a business venture. I always feel a sense of fear which is normal because I am scared of the unknown. But overtime when I start to see results I began to realize that it wasn’t so bad after all.

If I was just sitting there not doing anything and just worrying about whether to start or not, probably I would’ve never started. When it comes onto overcoming fear of failure it all have to do with your mindset. You have to change the way how you think and look at things from a different angle. That’s why in life the ones that usually succeed are the ones that are not afraid of failure or if they are afraid they still do it.

I would advise you to give that a try as well. If you feel a certain level of fear just still do it and see what happens. After a while you will see that it wasn’t so bad after all.

Be careful

But you should always look at the pros and cons when you’re trying to venture into something where there is a lot of risk and you might fail. For example couple years back my friend was asking me to help him out with a business and become a partner of his organization. The plan was laid out, it looks solid but I just couldn’t pinpoint the fundamentals of his market.

I asked about it a lot of times and he said that he would sort that out as the company grows. But when starting a business you should always make sure there was a market for it. Yes you might have a great business plan but if there is no market for it probably you are going to fail. So I stepped out of the deal and he failed couple months after. I knew because he called one day calling me a genius because I saw it coming before he even started.

That wasn’t genius though because I was really scared to venture off into another business venture with someone. Who doesn’t know the fundamentals of their market. If I did say yes from the beginning it would’ve been pretty risky. I knew from the get go that his market wasn’t that attractive and customers were hard to get. So that would be a very stupid decision. But sticking to the point of overcoming failure, it’s really that you change your mindset when it comes onto failure.

Overcoming fear of failure is very important. It doesn’t make sense to live your life inside a shell, you have to go out and test your skills and your abilities. That’s the only way you are going to grow.


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