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So the other day my friend told me that he felt like he was over stressed at work and was not being productive enough. The solution was pretty simple. I was like hey take some time off work. He looked at me with those mean and angry eyes. Telling me that it’s impossible because if he takes time off. Probably his competitors will out work him and disrupt his business. When he told me that I was laughing so hard because he was taking his business way too serious. Although business should be taken serious but he shouldn’t let it take over his life.


Long story short he followed my stupid advice. Three months later I got an email from him thanking me for that simple little advice. I decide to write this blog for other persons who might in that same or similar situations right now. Where they are just over working themselves like robots. It’s important to take some time off. Whether that is time off at work or even a personal time off for at least a day or two.


After you have taken some time off and recollect your thoughts. Trust me you are going to go back feeling more productive and healthier as well. Life is not a sprint, it’s a series of sprints. So for each sprints in which you work hard over a certain period of time. You must take a break to recharge for the next upcoming sprints. You cannot just put your body on overwork like that. You will run yourself right into the ground. That’s when you’re competitors are going to take advantage of you. When you’re tired and worn out and you start to put in mediocre work.


If you are working at a company and you feel like you are being over worked, please request some time off. If not and your performance level starts to drop your boss can easily replace you with someone else. Who is equally good as you and probably even smarter when it comes onto managing their life.  You have to take a long term view of things.


I know persons who are working 90 hours a week on their businesses and some at their jobs. To them it seem like they are getting work done and hitting objectives.


But if you should even evaluate their output it’s poor. I used to be in this same situation as well, I feel like I was on top of the world for a while but over time I hated my work. It took me a while to see that the race is not for the swift at times, it’s for those who can endure. So to wrap things up; make sure to take some time off to recharge your battery. You don’t want to start a race and see yourself break down half way before the finish line and shamelessly watch your competitors pass by. You want to be able to keep up and develop strategies to beat them. And at times that can’t be done with a tired or worn out brain. So take time off.



Thank you for reading and feel free to comment.  🙂


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