Meditation for starters, 6 tips to improve your experience

meditation for starters


If you are meditating at home which is where most persons meditate, there are always stuffs you can do to improve your experience. If you are in the meditation for starters category, there are always things you can do on a daily basis to make certain that you get the best out of your meditation period. Below are 6 tips you can implement right now in order to improve your meditation experience.


Practice early morning meditation

When you’re just starting to meditate, early morning meditation tends to work best. The reason being is because you just woke up and your mind is clear of all the clutter from the other day. As a result of this you will have better concentration while doing the different techniques. Although a lot of persons may find this routine hard to implement, it also comes with a lot of benefits. But it all comes down to your goals with meditation at the end of the day.


Listen to music

Listening to music while meditating is also another great strategy you can use to improve your meditation experience. I tend to do this a lot as well. I have a playlist on my android phone that I play almost every time while meditating. You can use any music you choose but I prefer the natural meditation music. They are a lot calmer and they were made for meditation.  In some of them you have the sound of nature playing the background such as waterfalls, birds chirping etc. This really helped with improving my experience to give it a bit more of a relaxing mode.



Use scented candles

I am not really a huge fan of scented candles but a lot of friends tend to use it weekly while meditating. From their perspective, they use the scented candle in order to focus on their sense of smell while meditating. For example look at the breathing technique. When you are doing it, you tend to focus on your breath. But with the scented candles you are focusing on the smell of the candles.


Exercise before and after meditation

You might be saying that doing exercises was an obvious tip but a lot of persons still are not doing it. I find exercising before and after meditation or sometimes just after meditation only very refreshing. After you meditate it helps to put you into a more focused mode which can help to go about doing your exercises easier.


Try doing yoga

Yoga to me is a natural extension off of meditation. Once you start to meditate you are going to want to do yoga. So might as well do it from early on. If you are a very adventurous person and you are open for new challenges doing yoga from early out can really improve your meditation experience. You could even do different yoga techniques while meditating at the same time.

Don’t force it

Sometimes trying to force yourself to meditate is hard and it only makes your experience worse. Because you are trying to do something that is calm but you are forcing yourself in order to get into that state. I would advise you to just relax 15 minutes before you meditate in order to cool down and get things into perspective. This will help you to transition into meditation better.



Wrapping up

If you implement all of these tips at home shown above, you will see how useful they can be in helping you meditate. Meditation is a useful skill and comes with a lot of benefits.
Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below.


Written by: Mark



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