Here are 5 things you should do before meditation at home

Meditation at home

Meditation at home

Home is probably the best place to meditate. The reason being is because you have little distractions around you, except if you have little babies that you have to take care of. That would be a different problem although you can still meditate when they’re sleeping. But I find meditating at home to actually be the best place to just relax your mind and focus. I have tried going to clubs but it never worked out quite the way I would like it to. When my eyes are closed I am always peeking looking at the different persons around me.

When I am at home and the place is really silent that’s when I tend to be in my best state. If there is noise, I can listen to music with the headphones in my ears and block out everyone and just focus. That’s just my personal preference. I also think a lot of persons tend to find their homes the best place to meditate as well. If you disagree, you can comment on this subject below.

If you are just starting out in meditation, there are couple tips you can follow in order to meditate properly or effectively. Because you can’t just get up and meditate like that. Well you can, but sometimes it’s not going to be effective enough. You have to create a plan for when you are going to meditate, how long it’s going to take etc. Below are 5 things you should do before you start meditation at home.

Don’t do it when you’re hungry

I can’t meditate on a hungry gut. I have to at least eat a snack. Sometimes meditation can last hours although I am not requiring you to go that long. But let’s put a normal meditation period to be around 30-45 minutes. Eating something healthy for example before you meditate will help you to stop think about eating. Which can a distraction when you’re meditating because when you’re meditating you might to be super focused on clearing your mind. Any outside thought will likely be a distraction.


Before you start to meditate you have to set up a relaxation period. In this period you are going to cool down and just relax your body. This will get you into a relaxing mode, so you can transition into meditating much better. Before I start to meditate I always like to just go outside, enjoy the atmosphere and just relax. I would advise you to do the same.
It’s impossible for me to just leave work and go straight into meditation that would be very difficult.

Pick a meditation time

Meditating anytime you want to is okay. I usually like to meditate in a more organized fashion though. So for me I would meditate every morning at probably 6:30 AM. I tend to do it in the night as well sometimes around 10 PM. I find that choosing a time period is important. It helps you to designate a certain period to just simply meditate and any outside force can’t distract you from doing that.

Choose how long

It’s equally important to choose how long you are going to meditate for. If you don’t do that, sometimes you are going to get carried away and meditate way over the time you’ve anticipated. So for example you made a rough estimate that you are going to meditate for probably 30 minutes. Then when you finish meditating you found out that you’ve been meditating for over an hour. Things like these does happen, it’s not at all that bad. But suppose you have something important to do and you were going to use that extra 30 minutes to do it.
Setting a time frame on an alarm can prevent that. Although I do tend to get carried away when meditating sometimes.

Pick a spot

The environment where you meditate in is really important. It’s impossible for you to meditate on the side walk of a city on a busy Monday morning. Too much noise and distraction, probably you will even get stepped on without the persons even realizing because they are too busy thinking about work. Even at home you can’t just meditate anywhere. You have to pick a spot and organize the environment in such a way that you can meditate.
I tend to meditate in an empty room where persons who just want to stop by and sleep over for a night stays. I make certain that whenever no one is coming over, I empty the room and meditate. For some person they love to meditate outside which I tend to do sometimes as well. But the main point is you have to pick a spot where you are going to feel good meditating at.

Wrapping up

I really hoped that these tips can help you to meditate better if you don’t feel like you are meditating effectively already. Meditation is important and there are a lot of benefits to why meditation is necessary.
Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below. 🙂


Written by: Mark

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