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measuring productivity


Top level executives and C.E.O’s always tend to measure their employees performance in different ways. Some of them don’t even know how to do it and others just don’t see it as necessary as other persons does. Measuring productivity in the workplace is really important. It helps you to track your employee’s performance, to see how well they are performing and if they are the right fit for your company. Every or most top performing companies track their employees productivity, because they know how useful it can be for their organization.

If you are looking for ways to measure your employees’ productivity and you don’t know how. You can have a look at the tips that you could implement in your organization below.


Track their time for certain tasks

By tracking your employee’s time throughout the day on certain tasks, it will help you to see how productive they are. So for example, suppose you give an employee an hour to complete a certain tasks and they completed it in 2 hours. By tracking their time it will help you to see that something is clearly wrong there. This is technique is very common though and I think most organizations tend to use it.


Track their results

Sometimes tracking their results can be a very good strategy that you could use to measure their productivity. I know managers who don’t care how long there employee takes to get the work done. They just want to see that the result is good. This strategy can be good for certain cases but not for all. But overall it’s very good because this will take less pressure off the employees to finish a work in a certain timeframe. And instead give them enough time to produce their work at the best quality possible.


Track how much hours they are wasting

This strategy is for micro-managers. Although I am not a full blown micro-manager, I tend to find this technique pretty useful at times. Sometimes in a workplace you would have couple employees that would use some simple tricks to waste time. Such as taking long lunch breaks, love to talk to other employees in work sessions and during meetings. You can find these employees in almost every company. I remember an employee at my old company, who shared these exact characteristics. He was usually the gossip guy.


Ask them for daily updates

Asking them for daily updates is really important. Sometimes you would have employees who would stay under the radar for days or weeks without doing anything. Especially if it’s a group work, you normally would have that one person who never did anything but want to get credit. You can prevent this by monitoring your employee’s progress by asking them for daily updates of their work. You don’t even have to analyze their work hours. Just a quick look through their work would be good. Or ask them what have they done throughout the day and how far they are away from their goals is quite okay.


Check your company’s performance

Normally if your employees are performing well, your company is performing well. So by checking your company’s performance from certain metric and see if they are on par with your expectations. That can at times be a good sign that everyone is working productively. This technique are usually for executives who are managing thousands of employees, who don’t have time track everyone of those individual employee performance.



By looking at the tips above, you could see that measuring your employee’s productivity can be pretty easy. If you continuously put in the work to measure your employee’s productivity. It will help you to weed out the bad employees and maintain top performers who really care about your organization’s success.


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