7 ways of managing stress at work

managing stress at work


The workplace can get a bit chaotic at times. Your manager is always expecting a high performance from you, your team members are depending on you, conducting meetings, and working long hours, sometimes even overtime. Just thinking of work by itself can leave you a bit stressed out, that’s just how it is. Dealing with stress at work, is really essential for anyone who is working in an environment where the stakes are very high. If you can’t cope with stress over a period of time that work may force you to leave, which can be good or bad thing depending on your situation.

Over the years I have developed a couple of rules I use in order to deal with work related stress. I am willing to now share them with you and hopefully they can help you out. Because certain types of stress can really be detrimental to your health, it’s important to know how to manage it.


Take breaks every 90 minutes

Working intensely for 2 – 3 hours none stop and feeling like you are getting things done is a lie. You need time off to recharge. I used to feel that way couple years back. When I used to work even for 5 hours none stop without taking a break. After a while I began to feel my brain worn out, but I was telling myself that if I take a break it’s going to make me look like a sissy, so I might as well keep pushing. What led me to stop was that after a while my productivity levels began to drop. Additionally my end results was also poor due to a lot of mistakes.

If I was taking breaks and give my brain time to relax and rejuvenate, probably I would have done a lot better. I have seen this a lot in the workplace where persons are working long hours. Without taking a break which led to them producing poor work. You cannot overwork yourself like that, you have to take breaks. Go for a walk or just go outside and sit down somewhere for even 15 minutes. This will give you time to rejuvenate.


Plan out your day

Planning is important for managing stress at work. When you plan it helps you to feel like you are in control of your situation. This can help build up your confidence when it comes onto important task. I remember when I never used to plan out my day and I just felt so overwhelmed because there was so much work to get done. But when I started to plan, it helps to give me a different perspective on my tasks. As a result of that I began to eliminate the bad and time wasting tasks. Then focus on the important ones that are going to yield me results.

Avoid interruptions

I hate interruptions, I find it time consuming and energy draining. In the workplace daily interruptions would include phones calls, emails, emergency meetings etc. All these can affect your stress levels. What my advice would be is to try and eliminate as much interruptions as you possibly can. Because sometimes a lot of interruptions that may happen in the workplace, may just be minor. And probably isn’t worth your time at a particular moment when you’re doing important work.


Keep yourself healthy

Eating right and exercising before going to work is important. Just look into it, which manager wouldn’t want healthy workers around them. The healthier you are, is the better you are going to work. You are going to have more energy to do important work and your performance level will improve.


 Don’t overdo it

Sometimes we tend to over work ourselves on a project just to make it perfect. This can cause stress because you are going to bring on a lot of pressure onto yourself. It can also be a time wasting activity, suppose you were assigned to complete a project in 3 hours and you get it done in 5. Those extra 2 hours that you were trying to make the project perfect could’ve used to do something else. Probably adding on those extra two hours never changed the project outcome that much.


Reduce panicking

Panicking can be very common in a working environment. Employees panic all the time. Especially in uncertain times when the future of the company is unpredictable. If you are always panicking and worrying about work related activities, you are putting yourself under a lot of stress. My best advice would be is to practice appropriate breathing techniques. When you practice these techniques it will help you to reduce stress in a matter of minutes.


Share your work

Getting help with certain projects can really help you to manage stress. In most companies you will likely have someone around you who can help you out if you ask. Because handling certain tasks by yourself can be really stressful. Sharing the load with another employee can give a little room for you to relax and focus on the task that you are good at in order to get the project done.



Wrapping up

Managing stress at work can sometimes be a challenging tasks and I understand. Workplace place can be very difficult to cope with sometimes. Hopefully you find these tips useful.


Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below. 🙂

Written by: Mark

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