Do you know when your most productive time is?

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I have spoken about this topic before in a subtopic section in an earlier post before but I never went in depth in it. It’s really important and it deserved to be discussed in a topic by itself. Everyday we all have a certain period when we are just hitting all the cylinders in terms of productivity. Our cognitive abilities are functioning well, we feel this full burst of energy and we are just working none stop. All of us have this period but most of us don’t make use of it because we simply don’t know how to use it effectively or we are just not educated about it at all.


Your biological productive time

Some persons call it the biological prime time, others call it their energy boost period. But those names don’t matter at all as long as we are aware of this period. If we want to take our productivity to a next level you have to ensure that you track your energy levels throughout the day. This will help you to know when you’re feeling a bit tired and you need to take a break. It will also help you to know when your most productive time is.


For me, more often I feel productive between 10 p.m. and 2 p.m. daily. That’s when I tend to do most of my most important work. For some persons, it may even be at night like for one of my friends. He worked at his best when everyone is sleeping and the place is quiet. If you want to know when is your most productive time. It’s always good to limit your intake of sugar and don’t drink coffee or in take any caffeine based substances.

This procedure is really important….

This will help you to better know when is your most productive time of the day. If you can’t live without caffeine and sugar, you can try this out for a week or two until you find your correct period naturally. Because all those substances do affect your energy levels throughout the day and it can disrupt your natural productive time and make it hard for you to find the specific period. If you are not sure whether to take this serious trust me it’s really important.

For example let’s say your most productive time is from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. would you do your most important work in the morning. Or would you do it between your most productive period. In my most productive period I tend to do all my important tasks and I get them done faster than I usually would anytime else.


Wrapping up

Hopefully you find this post useful. To make use of our energy throughout the day is a skill. We have to be strategic on how we use up our time and what we use it on. If we have good productivity skills we will complete tasks faster with a lot better quality. Knowing your productive time, will change the way how you look at your task. It will help you to evaluate your most important task from the not so important ones and choose the right time to do them with the most energy and focus.



Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below.


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