Why it’s important to form good habits


High school days

School over I tell everyone bye, then I run straight home to my video game. I used to play it for like 3-5 hours on school days and more than 10 hours on weekends, sometimes even 15. This was my typical routine in high school. I miss those days but at the same time I am glad I have moved on from it.


I used to waste a lot of time, it also shows on my end of year report (It was horrible!!!).  It took me a while in high school, I think it was in the last year when I start to take life seriously and focus on forming good habits. They were pretty hard to break at first because it became a part of my lifestyle. It took me quite a long time to say, “Enough was enough I got to change”. But I am glad that I pulled through.


Good habits


In life it’s always important to form good habits. It affects how we think and behave on a daily basis. The collection of habits that you have now in your life are either helping you or pulling you back from where you want to be. Almost everyone wants to be successful in life. But only a handful of them form the necessary habits to be successful.


For example someone wants to lose weight. They are always fired up telling you that they want to lose x amount of pounds within a certain timeframe. That timeframe had now past and they haven’t lost an ounce of pound but instead they have gained.

You have a lot of persons like that; they never change their habits in order to achieve a certain objective. They never ate the right kind of food, they work out but they do it kind of inconsistently, no diet plans were set in place etc. By doing all these things and procrastinating. They are forming a new habit that will pull them away from that goal.


I know personally that it’s kind of hard sometimes to form a habit. But you shouldn’t look at it as a chore; you should see it as a must. Whenever you have finally made the decision to work towards a goal, write down all the habits that’s going be needed to form in order to help you achieve that goal.


This will help you to ensure that while working towards a vision you want to see for yourself. Those little bad habits don’t come creeping in. If you let them in, those little habits can grow over a period of time into a full blown bad habit (kill it from its small).
Also make certain that your new habits are ones that you can live with and it fits in perfectly with your lifestyle. I remember when I wanted to create an exercise routine for myself. I was always fascinated with early morning exercising, when everywhere is quite and it’s just you one on the road jogging.


To tell you the truth, I broke down after two weeks it was just never for me. I preferred the evening one.


If those habits are disrupting the way you live on a daily basis. Probably you are going to need to make some changes or some modifications. But most things are always a work in progress. So I wouldn’t expect you to get it right the first time (if you do cheers).


It takes about 21 days to form a habit so don’t worry about the early unease feelings. After you have reached over a certain point, it’s going to blend in quite naturally. The end goal though is to form good habits.



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