i have depression, is depression really a sign of weakness?

i have depression

The other day I got an email from someone telling me that he is afraid to discuss depression issues with his friend. He feared getting picked on within the group and looked at as the weak one. He find it pretty hard to tell his friends that, ” I have depression”. This is a huge problem I have that seems to be recurring from time to time. Where you would have someone who is afraid of being open about his or her depression. In a society that is dominated by males. It taught us males to hide our emotions and feelings. We usually hear stuff such as we men and we should be strong, tough blah, blah, blah….

This problem is even scattered among females as well. You still have a lot of persons in society that see depression as a sign of weakness. That is why yearly you have persons who commit suicide due to the fact that they are troubled with mental illness. They don’t know where to go or who to tell about it to get help. So they think they can handle it until one day they just reach a tipping point. As a result of that they couldn’t cope with it anymore. They see the solution of taking their own life the perfect thing to do in order to take them out of their misery.

I always respect persons highly who have come out to the public with their depression and other mental illnesses. The more persons come out to the public and talk about their depression. Will allow others to follow suit as well. We have a lot of leaders in this space. But we also need others who are willing to make a change and help those who are in dire need of it.

The lack of education

Another problem I see is the lack of education among our youth as it relates to depression and what to do about it. For example typical parents or even the education system don’t educate their children enough on what depression really is.

As a result of that, a student might be experiencing some of the symptoms and just brush it off for a couple weeks only to see it get even worse. There was as study that was conducted a while back. At the end of the study they found out that you have a good amount of students who have developed depression while in college. Due to a number of reasons including the stressful environment of a college life. As a person from the outside looking in. I can see where they could’ve come to such a conclusion because college is hard.

Because of this study, the education system can take a new look on how to tackle depression within schools. Overall I think society needs to change its views on how to tackle depression. Because if not it will further allow persons who are diagnosed with the illness to suppress it instead of seeking help. All I can say to those who are diagnosed with the illness is to seek help as fast as possible. Because if you are suffering from this illness it can affect you pretty badly.


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Written by: Peter

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