5 reasons persons procrastinate and how to stop being a procrastinator

How to stop being a procrastinator


Procrastination is very common and we all tend to do it on a daily basis. The only thing is that some persons procrastinate more than others. Every day as it relates to productivity, my goal is not procrastinate as much as I did the day before. In general there are 6 main underlying reasons why we procrastinate on a daily basis. All of the 6 reasons are shown below. It’s important to become aware of these 5 main reasons because it can help you to stop procrastinate over a period of time or at least minimize it.


The task is difficult

We always tend to procrastinate on a difficult task. It’s also normal because at times, we love to be in our comfort zone. When we are doing something out of our comfort zone, we would try to do something else in order to not do the difficult task. I tend to fall into this same trap as well but I always force myself to do the task. I would advise you to do the same thing as well.

The task doesn’t seem to have any intrinsic reward

Sometimes we do task based off intrinsic reward. They have to match out inner values or we have to gain something from it internally before we do it. This is normal; I tend to do tasks at times based off whether it’s going to be engaging. This habit might seem logical but it also comes with consequences. Because you have a lot of task in our life that we have to do that doesn’t come with any intrinsic award, for example paying our taxes. It’s boring, time consuming and at the same time we have to give up money to the government (no wonder persons avoid taxes).


A task has to be fun for some persons to do it. I am also included into this category as well. Sometimes I love to do task, that I know I am going to have fun with and I am not going to have any headaches after doing it. For example writing a blog is pretty fun but writing an essay is boring. But I always try to make every task that I am doing fun, even if it’s boring.


It’s frustrating

We try to avoid task that is going to give us headaches and frustrates us. I remember back in high school I used to hate doing algebra and calculus because it’s hard and it’s frustrating. But I still end up doing it, I battled it through and I did pretty well in the end. If you are having problem dong frustrating tasks, try to take short breaks between the tasks to just relax. Probably when you get back it’s going to be better and you are going to have a better perspective on your task.


The task lacks clarity

If a task usually lacks clarity, we always tend to procrastinate on them. Because they are hard to figure out and everything just doesn’t seem clear to us. I know that this can be a big contributor to why persons usually would procrastinate on a task. But I don’t think it should be a huge excuse of why a task shouldn’t be done. Everything task we do isn’t going to be clear to us, we have to figure stuffs out as we get along.


 Wrapping up

All these reasons shown above of why we procrastinate will help you become aware of when you are probably going to procrastinate on a task. Hopefully they can help you to handle your procrastination better overtime.


Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below. 🙂


Written by: Mark

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