How to meditate at home? Here are 6 tips to help you out


how to meditate at home

Meditating at home can be difficult for beginners the reason being is because they don’t know what to do or if they know, they may not know how to do it properly. At the beginning I have to get help from one of my friend who helped me progress over a short period of time into better meditator. If you are just getting started and want to know how to meditate at home and you already have a few techniques under your belt. The different tips below will help you to meditate better at home.


Be patient

In meditation patience is one of the key things you have to do. You can’t just sit down and meditate like that; you have to be patient. Patience will help you to relax better and give your mind time to focus. Hurrying up the process will only increase your thought process instead of slowing it down.


Don’t get angry at yourself

When trying to mediate at home, you are not competing against anyone. It’s going to be a bit challenging to get into a peaceful state when your body is not calm. But understand that it’s not going to happen the first time. What I usually do to relax my thoughts is to listen to mediation music. This really helped with calming my mind. If you get angry while trying it, it’s important to just try to relax yourself as much as possible.


Be consistent

Consistency is a real must. It’s important that you are always consistent. Doing it daily over 6 months will increase your meditation performance. Meditation is like a muscle that you have to consistently train in order to keep up your performance. I have seen a lot of persons who decide to take the leap into meditation. Then they give up over a couple weeks or lose interest. It’s really important to be consistent.


Stick to one meditation method first

Sticking to one meditation method is important. At first I practiced the breathing technique and then I expand into other routines. To know about the different meditation practices, you can look at this post. Jumping from technique to technique is not going to give you the result you did want.


Start small

To meditate for 30 minutes intensely is going to be a really hard challenge for beginners. Although on the other hand persons have done it. But if you are having problems meditating at home, you can always start small. This would require you to do meditation in very short sessions probably 10 – 15 minutes at first then you can expand on that and doing longer sessions. At first I usually started off doing it for 5 minutes which was pretty short. It was only because it was pretty difficult for me to meditate in the beginning.


Commit yourself to it

Whatever you commit yourself to over a period of time, that’s the result you are going to get. You have to commit yourself to doing meditation because only then you can gain a bit of mastery over this useful technique over a period of time.


Wrapping up

Hopefully these tips were useful to you as they were for me. Meditation is a very useful skill anyone can learn as long as they are committed to it. The good thing also is that all the hard work in the beginning is going to be worth it.



Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below. 🙂


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