How to get ex girlfriend back? Is it really that hard?

how to get ex girlfriend back


You were once in a wonderful relationship with your girlfriend, everything seems like it was going to last forever. The two of you used to do a lot of great things together. Such as going out together and have fun. Later on you find out that you were so wrong. She dumped you over another guy or you leave her for whatever reason. But the catch is that you now want her back and you don’t know how. Certain guys usually got themselves caught up in this very situation.

Personally I am not the type of guy who would stalk my ex-girlfriend and tell her to be back with me. That just sounds a bit creepy but I have gotten back with my exes in the past couple times already. I have learnt a few tricks back then as well that I think can be of use to you right now, if you are caught up in this situation. Below are some tips you can use to get your ex girlfriend back.



Show her that you’ve changed

Changes are always necessary in a relationship. If you were the root cause of the reason why the relationship never worked out quite the way you want it to. Well changes are going to be needed. You have to be the one to show your ex girlfriend that you’ve changed. If you are convincing enough, more than likely she will respect that and probably even get back with you.


Understand the real reason why the two of you broke up

Females are complicated and the first time I was given this advice was from my one of my friends back in highschool who I would usually classify as a guru of women at the time. Sometimes a break up can happen out of nowhere. At that time it’s usually easy to draw conclusions as to what might cause it. One of the reasons why it’s important to get to the root cause of what caused the relationship to break up is because it will help you to understand the problem and try and solve it. Or you could even take it as a lesson to reflect on. This will ensure that it doesn’t happen again in another relationship.


Give her some space

After a breakup, sometimes it can be hard to get over your girlfriend. You are going to be thinking about her most of the time. Sometimes after a breakup it’s great to give your former partner some space. This will help both you and her to reflect on what the both of you have been through together. Both the good and the bad. After you have given her some space, One day out of nowhere you can just pop up and begin talking to her as just friends.


Buy her a gift

It’s hard at times to even think of being generous to your ex after a break up. But it helps a long way to be honest. For example suppose her birthday is coming up and you usually give her gifts on her birthday. You can give her a gift the next time around when it’s her birthday when the two of you have broken up. She’s probably going to be a bit surprised as well, because she is not going to be expecting it. This will show that you still care about her.


Show some appreciation

Similar to the buying her a gift strategy, showing her appreciation for the relationship you had would also be great. You don’t even have to go over to her and tell her in person if you don’t want to. You can just simply text her, this will help her know that you really cared about when the two of were together. I know a lot of guys who have never tried this tactic and there is a great possibility that things might work out great in the end. Sometimes females just need to see a little appreciation for all that they have been through with you, for both the good and the bad.


Wrapping up

Hopefully you find these tips useful and it will help you on how to get your ex girlfriend back. Relationships have its ups and downs, not because you and her had broken up means that it’s the end of the world. Sometime the both of you just want just wants some time off to think things through. If you are looking for a set system that you could use, that could help you to get ex girlfriend back, you can give this a try.



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