The reason why effective discipline is more important than motivation

effective discipline

You have a goal….

You want to achieve a dream, whether to buy that new car, house, job promotion etc. But sometimes you just don’t feel like to work to achieve that goal. This is quite normal and it happens to almost every one. Sometimes or most of the time we just don’t feel motivated enough to do what we need to do in order to achieve something worthwhile. So we try our best to not do the task that we have to do. Or if we end up doing it we put in only half effort. I feel like this is simply because of the fact that some of us are not disciplined enough to do the task that we must do.  In order to achieve our goals on a daily basis is what separates us from success.

It’s what divides the really successful individuals from persons who just taste a small portion of success. With effective discipline, on a daily basis. You can achieve almost any goal which you choose as long as you work hard enough and be consistent with your effort. For example, let’s say you want to achieve a goal of losing a certain amount of pounds in couple of months.

Consistent work is important

Going out every day to do the proper exercises even if they are hard is what is going to help you achieve that goal. You can’t just exercise one time a week and expect to lose a certain amount of pounds. Putting in the proper amount of work is important. That’s why I always say success is like a marathon. If you understand how to run a marathon and be consistent with your pace over a long period of time that’s how you are going to be successful.

For example in a marathon you have persons who run out of the tracks blazingly fast and break down couple metres later. You have persons who almost made it to the finish line but just couldn’t win. While you have others who was disciplined enough and understand what it takes to win marathon and made it to the finish line. They might not have won the race but they fought hard to win it and then you have the winners. The ones who trained hard before the race months before it even began.

It can be applied in almost any part of life

This can even be applied to any other part of life whether it is in business, education etc. The ones that fought hard consistently over a period of time will usually come out successful. Being just motivated is not enough to be successful, what happens when you’re not motivated. If you rely simply on feeling motivated. More than likely you are not going to do the work when you’re not motivated. When you’re disciplined you will do the work even when you don’t feel like it.

So whatever your goal is right now in your life, make sure that you practice effective discipline. It will help to you even achieve your goals faster. Because when you are doing it consistently instead of inconsistently you will get faster results.

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Written by: Mark


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