The damaging effects of digital depression

digital depression


Digital depression has become a real problem among internet users and it continues to rise steadily over the years. For example if you should go on social media right now or other forums. You would see digital depression right in action where persons are constantly trolling each other and having heated arguments over stupidity. It’s really ridiculous when you think about it. Sometimes persons will just hate you because you simply don’t agree with them. On the other end of things. You will have others who will just read an article and get upset for no reason at all. I wouldn’t expect anyone to get upset over someone else’s opinion but you do have a lot of persons like that.

Actions like these are a result of digital depression. On a post from written by Nikki kraze, that was talking about digital depression. It’s interesting to see a phenomenon like this is rising among internet users. I am not even that surprised either. Here is an excerpt from it.

How to Beat Digital Depression

While some people are fighting, others are watching, upset at what they’re reading online. There’s a term for this and it’s called “digital depression.” We spoke to an expert about how to beat the social media blues. Some students at Bloomsburg University studied at a cafe on campus, while others scrolled through social media and then put their phones away in disgust. Continue reading….

It’s a very interesting article. Over the years I have developed a certain level of balance. That have allowed me to know when and how to use social media. Because you can easily get caught up into the mix of what is going on. Personally I have seen persons who have got into a depressive mood. Due to the trolling and you could even see this among celebrities as well. It’s really an issue. The best advice I would give to persons who always got caught up into digital depression is to give social media a break from time to time.

Because at the end of the day it’s not going amount to nothing. I don’t see any sense in arguing with someone you don’t know.

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