Why do persons tend to get depression in old age?


depression in old age


Older persons are usually more vulnerable to get depression. One of the major causes is due to the ups and down of life itself. Life is tough and it tends to throw a lot of poop at us that we have to dodge regularly in order to get through. An elderly person might get depression if they are feeling lonely or they regret not enjoying life enough. Sometimes they even get into a depressive stated when they began to contemplate their own death and start to think about when they are going to die.

Things can get really tough when you’re old but if all of us young adults live long enough, we are going to get old as well and more than likely we will be facing the same issues. Not all of us will get depression but some of us will. You have a lot of reasons why persons may tend to get depression in old age. You can see a list of them below.


Stressful life events

As I have stated before life is really tough and only the toughest of the toughest can get through it both mentally and physically. Here is a scenario where a person may likely get depression. Suppose a 75 year old woman, just lost her husband to cancer, is high in debt, cannot be able to work and support herself. She is living in poverty and her health is deteriorating as the days go by. All these events happening in her life can be really stressful and can take a toll on her mental health. As a result of this sooner or later she might be troubled with depression.


No friends

Socializing is important and having a good social network around you at all times will help you because as a result of that you will be able discuss your problem with them. Probably they can even help to give you valuable tips on what you could do on hard times. When you are old and lonely and no one is at your home everyday and you are living in total silence. Depression is sometimes inevitable in those unique circumstances at times.  You are going to reflect a lot on life and start to overthink things. That can then get you into a depressive state.


Health related issues

If you have the common elderly health issues like diabetes, cancer, dementia, arthritis etc. Or if you just got out of an operation and you can’t get around the house properly. You will more likely get depression if you have several of the symptoms including others that I haven’t mentioned. Health related issues is a pretty common symptom of why elderly persons might get depression. But not all persons might get depression due to health related reasons. Some persons are mentally strong enough to understand the situation better.



If your family’s history is littered with persons that have depression, more than likely you are going to have it as well. If you don’t develop it at a young age, as you get older you might see it starts to creep in. One of my friends got depression due to the fact that his family’s history was littered with it. I felt sorry for him because he had a great job, life and family but he developed depression.



Having high or mild anxiety can be another serious cause of depression if you an old person. Constantly worrying about everything is never good at all, especially when you’re old and you are going through tough life times. Depression mixed with anxiety is not nice at all. This could further deteriorate your health.


Depression is not pretty at all and I hope that in the future they can find some way to help minimize the effect it has on person’s mental health. You have a lot of other reasons why persons tend to get depression in old age. But these shown above are just to give you a scope of those causes.


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