Dealing with panic attacks, 7 symptoms you should become aware of

dealing with panic attacks

Panic attacks are very common among a lot of persons. Even I tend to get it sometimes, when your hands get sweaty, everything around you feels like it’s slowing down. While your heart is beating like the sound of a loud drum and it feels like it wants to jump out of your chest. Handling panic attacks can be difficult for certain persons because sometimes we don’t have any control over our emotions. And as a result of that it can make it a bit difficult for us to control panic attacks.
What tends to bother me sometimes is the number of persons who don’t know exactly what a panic attack is. So they might experience it but they don’t understand what it is and that is what this article is based off of. Below you will see 7 symptoms you need to become aware of, normally if you are experiencing most of these symptoms simultaneously at the same time over at least 7 minutes. You are more than likely experiencing a panic attack.

Increase in stomach hurt

I tend to experience this a lot whenever I am going through panic attacks. My stomach starts to hurt really badly. Sometimes if I am experiencing it while standing, I would be forced to sit down in order to see if I could ease the pain.

Feeling dizzy

When you are having a panic attack, sometimes you are going to experience a high rate of dizziness. This is something that most persons experience a lot as well. Your head feels like it’s falling off, you can’t see and think clearly etc. This can at times be for some persons an uncomfortable experience.

Chest pain

Chest pain is another symptom you might feel when going through a panic attack. This does not happen to everyone but for those who have experienced it; it can be a bit frightening. Persons have also spoken about that they also experienced shortness of breath along with the chest pain. Some even said that they felt like they were choking. All these symptoms shows how scary a panic attack can be and that’s why you must always learn how to overcome it.


Trembling is also another symptom you are going to experience when you are having a panic attack. At this point most of your body is going to feel like it’s shaking out of control. Imagine you’re outside in a cold weather with sweaters on. I usually experience a certain level of trembling whenever I have a panic attack although it’s not healthy at all.


Another common symptom that most persons experience is sweating. I have spoken about my experience about this above. Some persons experience sweating on their hands only, you also have others who experience it on their face, neck and for some their entire body.

Accelerated heart rate

Accelerated heart rate is another one of those symptoms that you are likely going to experience as well when you going through a panic attack. In that moment your heart is going to beat so fast like the sound of a drum. This is a very common symptom and sometimes can lead to heart attack.

Loss of control

When you are experiencing panic attacks, you also feel a lack of control over your actions. You feel like you can’t calm down to relax, you can’t prevent your body from shaking. Overall you feel a bit helpless, like there is nothing you can do to help it.

All these symptoms will help you to understand when you are going through a panic attack so that you can have a better knowledge of how to go about dealing with panic attacks. As stated before panic attacks are very common and dealing with panic attacks can be a challenge at times. But these symptoms shown above will help you to better become aware of it.


Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below.


Written by: Mark

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