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We all have different taste when it comes onto dating. Some of us may like slim males or females, with a certain type of personality, race, occupation, income, age, education etc. That’s just how it works. When I am choosing someone to date, I am not one of those persons who set such a high standard that makes it hard for me to find the perfect dating partner. I am a personality type of guy. Although I have mostly been with slim girls. I tend to like women who have a great and fun personality.

Additionally you have to be smart or smart enough so that we can be able to have great conversations about politics, economics, science etc. If and when you are ready to choose the right  dating partner, here are 5 things you should keep in mind that a lot of persons have used as well.


What is the person like?

This is supposed to be the first thing you got to figure out. What type of person are you looking for? Are you an introverted person who wants to share that characteristic with someone as well? You have to know the type of person you are looking for. What you could do is get a sheet of paper, grab a pen and next write the top 10 personality traits you want your future partner to have.


Would you feel confident introducing him or her to your parents?

Sometimes you may feel a bit embarrassed to introduce your partner to your parents. And I totally understand that situation. But you have to be a bit careful with this because if you are afraid to introduce your partner to your parents. That may be a bad sign that him or her might not be for you. You should feel proud of your girlfriend or boyfriend that you aren’t afraid to show him or her to your parents or even friends.



When I am talking about choosing someone that’s successful, I am not strictly speaking about persons that are already successful. But someone who is aiming to be successful in whatever they plan to do in life. I don’t think persons should be with a partner who don’t want be anything in life or seek growth in the different of areas of financial, spiritual and health. The reason why I am even giving this advice is because I have seen too many relationships gone sour due to the fact that another partner was dragging down the relationship.  They were being a huge burden on the other partner because they never wanted to do anything to support him or her.


Share similar interests

Being with someone when the both of you share similar interest will help to make the relationship way smoother. Interest could be the same television shows, restaurants, sporting activities, food etc. I have seen persons broken up because both partners just couldn’t mix together in terms of interests and they would argue about stupid things all the time. I am not saying every interest should be similar but at least several of them.


What type of partner are you looking for?

Lastly you have to choose what type of partner you are looking for.  Do you want someone to married, date, mate, friends with benefits etc. When you have an idea of what type of  dating partner you are looking for. It will help you to change and evaluate your expectations. I have been with most of those types of partners already, sometimes it’s good to explore. It will allow you to gain more relationship experience.


Along with all those different characteristics chosen above, you also have many others as well such as race, religion, age range, occupation etc. We all have filtering processes that we use to evaluate our partners. Hopefully these will help you to find your perfect partner and happy dating.


Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below.


Written by: Mark



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