6 things to do on a date night for married couples

date night for married couples


Date night for married couples



Date nights, after the both of you are married can sometimes be pretty awkward. You guys know so much about one another; it’s like what’s really there for the two of you to talk about. Sometimes for me date night is not the problem, it’s planning out the date night. My wife and I are always busy and a lot of couples are experiencing this problem as well. At the end of the day, that should not be a legitimate excuse for why the both of us can’t go out at least every Friday evening or one every two week on the weekends.

Despite the fact that it might be hard to plan out for us at times, we still do our very best to go out on a date. Sometimes though when we are on a date, it kind of get a bit boring. That’s one of the reasons why I created this post. Let’s say the both of you are on a date night. There are couple little things you should do and not do in order to make your date night run smoothly.

These are tips that I have learnt over the years. Some the hard way and the others were just very obvious. But you still have persons out there who keep on making mistakes or do stuff that would just turn their partner off.

If you are one of those persons, hopefully you can find the tips below helpful.


Be curious

Ask questions.  It will help to get to know your partner more or at least understand them better. Yes, I know you might feel like you already know everything about your partner. But sometimes by asking these questions they might tell you a story which can lead to them telling you something that they’ve never told you before. I have a friend who has been with his wife for over a decade and since recently he has learnt an amazing thing about her.


Turn your past arguments into a joke

Persons always ask me why I am even talking about past arguments on a date night. But it has really worked for me and some of my friends as well. Sometimes after an argument, we tend to have a certain negative feeling about each other. These feelings tend to even build up as time goes on. So by just talking about the arguments in a hilarious way. The both of you are going to change the perception of the argument into more of a funny comedic joke which is great for a healthy relationship.


Don’t talk about administrative stuffs

On date night for married couples, talking about paying bills and managing the house etc. is not very entertaining. Sometimes it can change the mood of the date night and I would say you should avoid it at all costs. I tend to do it sometimes but I just don’t feel that it’s really necessary. Instead you guys should be talking about each other and having a great time. Leave those finances stuff for when you get home.

Reflect on happy past experiences

I love to talk about special past experiences we have together. When you reflect on past experiences. It will show that as a couple the both of you really have some good times together. It will also make you feel happy that you guys have made it this far. Additionally it will give both of you the extra motivation to carry the marriage even further. So that the both of you can create new experiences in the future.


Try something new

Each time you go on a date, try something new with your partner. Go to a new restaurant, have a date by the lakeside. This will prevent future dates from getting boring and will also make it more exciting. Because the two of will be anticipating and planning where you are going to go next.

Surprise your partner with a gift

giving gifts are still useful. Surprising your partner with a gift out of nowhere can still be a useful thing to do. I tend to do it all the time, it might not expensive like jewelry, but just something you know that they are going to like. Or something they were talking about they would like to have and they couldn’t get at the time.


These are 6 tips I think might be useful to make your date night interesting when you’re already married. Hopefully these were all helpful or at least one of them to make you and your partner enjoy the night out.



Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below. J

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