What’s your Bodybuilding plan? Here are 6 tips on how to eat healthy as a bodybuilder

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If you are on the bodybuilding regime, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet over a period of time. There are so many misconceptions about bodybuilding out there that it’s mind boggling. For example the other day I was a walking out of the gym and an old guy came up to me and jokingly said, “Hey why not try steroids to get there faster instead of relying on going to the gym”. I knew he was joking but a lot of persons still think that way. I know for a fact that persons have used steroids to grow their muscles but it’s not the large majority of persons who are interested in bodybuilding.

It’s because those small majority of persons are more highlighted in the media and scrutinized than those who are passionate about growing their muscles the ethical way. If you are serious about creating a bodybuilding plan I don’t think it’s complicated. Below is a list of tips you must take into consideration when creating a bodybuilding plan.


Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits

This should be quite obvious, but yet still you have persons out there who are serious about bodybuilding but are not eating enough it, if at all. Consuming vegetables and fruits on a daily basis will surely help you to become a much healthier bodybuilder.


Include a wide variety of foods in your diet

It’s important to consume foods from all the different types of food groups. This will help you to not rely only on and consume one type of nutrients over a period of time. And besides it also help you to maintain a more balanced diet.


Reduce the amount of sugar you consume daily

Unless you are one of those individuals who struggle to gain weight, consuming a certain amount of sugar daily can be quite understandable. But if you are the opposite of that character, it would be advisable to reduce your intake of sugar. One of the major reasons one of my friends cut her level of sugar in take into half in three months is because of the fear of heart disease which is common within her family. Additionally it also affects fat burning enzymes. So if you are consuming a huge amount of sugar substances daily. Don’t be surprised to see that you are not losing the amount as you think you should.


Reduce the amount of fatty foods you eat

Along with reducing the amount of sugar you intake daily, you should also reduce the level of fatty foods you consume. The long term and the immediate effects of it, just isn’t worth it either. As similar to the prior tip before this on sugar, it can also cause heart disease along with acid reflux and bloating.


Consume high fiber foods

The regular consumption of fiber foods can help you to reap a lot of healthy benefits. For example it helps you to have more control over your weight which is important for bodybuilding. It also helps to control your blood sugar levels. So ensure that fiber foods are a part of your natural bodybuilding diet plan.



Beware of consuming too much salt

We all know of the dangers of consuming too much salt. But I am not talking about sprinkling a lot of salt on your fried chicken. I am talking about some of those other products out there such as snacks, packaged meals etc. I remember the other day at the supermarket. I was about to grab a bag of chips and then I was curious to see what was in the ingredients (As I always tend to do). It did contain a high amount of salt in it, so I just put it back down. Immediately after a lady just walked pass and picked it up.

It goes to shows me how little certain persons care about what’s really in what they are eating.


These are just some of the tips you must keep in mind if you are going to decide to create a bodybuilding plan.



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