7 bipolar disorder symptoms in men

bipolar disorder in men


Having bipolar disorder is not great at all because you are not just depressed but you would go through this flood of lots of different emotions. More often it would be rage and other times you would just be in a depressed mode. Understanding bipolar disorder symptoms in men can sometimes even be a bit challenging. A friend of mine who have suffered with it for more than a decade have went through a lot. I have really seen him suffered alot from it, but luckily he is having it under control and he is taking his treatments. Hopefully he can fully recover from it overtime although that can be difficult.

Just like full blown depression you have persons out there who might have bipolar disorder and might not even know it. I have written about the symptoms of severe depression before which you can find here. But when it comes onto to bipolar disorder it’s not much different. The symptoms that you can see below, you have to go through these for at least 2 weeks. This will make certain that you suffering from some type of bipolar disorder.

Your thoughts feeling like its racing

Having racing thoughts is a feature of bipolar disorder that a lot of persons usually experience. When you have racing thoughts it’s going to be hard for you to think properly. It’s going to be hard for you to even finish a sentence without skipping it. When my friend would usually talk to me, sometimes it was really hard to understand the point he was trying to get across.


Don’t feel the need to sleep

Another symptom of bipolar disorder is that you don’t feel the need to really lay on the bed and sleep. I have heard persons said that they have experienced this before along with doctors telling me that it can be a sign of bipolar disorder. This can be really scary, sleep is vital for our day to day life. I couldn’t imagine how anyone would feel like they do not want to sleep over a long period of time.

Poor concentration

Not being able to concentrate properly is another sign of bipolar disorder. Not being able to concentrate can cause a lot of problems. It can affect your business and personal life. I have seen this affect my friend as well, he would tell me that he would have a hard time listening or solving problems. This also ties in perfectly with the racing thoughts. Because your thoughts are racing it’s going to make it really hard for you to concentrate and understand problems properly.


Always feeling energized

Similar to the sleeping symptom, normally when you have bipolar disorder you can always feel energized. That’s one of the reasons that may lead to you not feeling like you want to sleep. Your brain is tricking your body in telling it that it have the amount of energy inside to do almost anything.


High risked behavior

This also is an extension off of the prior symptom. When you always feel energized, you feel like you can do anything.  This may tempt you to do crazy stuff or stuff you wouldn’t usually do. For example my friend would usually drive really fast at times and he told me that it’s very therapeutic which I find really strange. You would also be tempted to do more dangerous stunts.  It may also affect your sexual behavior and make you want it more often.


You feel a sense of grandiosity

This is a symptom I have seen very common among persons with bipolar disorder as well. They feel like they are on top of the world and others are inferior to them. Anyone who tries to go against their ideas is a total idiot and you must listen and obey their commands without a question. This remind of those kings who used to slaughter lots of innocent beings in the medieval age. Maybe some of them were suffering from bipolar disorder and weren’t educated enough about it. Here is a great post about the feeling of grandiosity.


Feeling of anxiety


When you are diagnosed with bipolar, you also tend to feel a certain level of anxiety. This can lead to you worrying a lot and fearful of doing simple things such as picking a kitchen knife or lighting the stove. Constantly having negative thoughts is also another feature and persons with bipolar tend to suffer from it at times.


Wrapping up

All these symptoms shown above are features of bipolar disorder. If you are suffering from it, it’s necessary that you seek help and do your research because this can be a serious illness.


Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below. 🙂


Written by: Peter


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