6 benefits of doing exercise


benefits of doing exercise

Exercise is really important, but yet still not that many persons tend to do it. Sometimes they will come up with excuses to say they can’t find the time and it’s not worth it. But I don’t think those are good excuses to try and avoid exercising. The benefits of doing exercise far out strips the amount of work you have to put in to get fit.  When I first started to take exercise seriously, I have to put in a lot of work in the beginning because I wasn’t used to it. But now it’s a vital and natural habit in my everyday routine that has impacted my life tremendously. You can see some of the reasons why below doing daily exercises is important.


 Improve memory

Doing regular exercises can help to improve your memory. I came to realize this after a couple months of doing daily exercise. It’s not going to make you remember everything (that would be crazy) but it really helps your brain to store and retrieve information better.  I found a real improvement in my cognitive abilities that have helped me felt more confident in myself.


Reduce the risk of diabetes

When persons are diabetic doctors would usually question the patients daily exercise habits. Because doctors have found out that persons who exercise regularly are less prone to develop diabetes. They usually promote among persons that are diagnosed with it, because it really helps to reduce it. The science behind the reason this is important is that when you are exercising. It increases the ability to use the sugar for energy and reduce the need to use insulin. I think this is a huge benefit.


Help improve your emotions

Another huge factor of why I take exercise seriously is that it helps with improving my emotions.  Almost everytime I exercise in the morning I always comeback feeling so energized and refreshed. The reasoning behind this is that when you exercise, it helps to increase the flow of endorphins in your body which is mood elevating compounds. I tend to usually like this effect of doing daily exercise and I think you will come to really like it as well if you make exercise a habit.


Reduce the risk of developing heart disease

We all know by now that the more overweight you are is the easier it is for you to develop heart disease which is a common problem. When you exercise on a regular basis or exercising on any typical day. It will allow the heart to pump more blood throughout the body and it will allow the heart to continue work properly instead of it getting blocked up.


Strengthens your body

Doing regular daily exercises will help to strengthen your body. This is an obvious fact by the way. But somehow persons don’t see this as a huge enough benefit to exercise. Even when they are extremely over weight they’ll rather run to MacDonald’s instead of running to the gym.


Overall by now I think it’s quite obvious to persons who have usually hesitated a lot to not exercise to see that it’s really necessary to do it on a daily basis. You can even start off by doing a small jog down the street or walk. Then you can scale that up over two weeks or earlier because the benefits of doing exercise are totally worth it.



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