How to be productive while working in open offices

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Working in a company that have strong commitment to open offices can be difficult at times if you are more of the introverted type of person. I don’t have any problem working in open offices but sometimes it can get a bit distracting. For example noise problem could be a huge issue and the constant moving around of employees from point A to point point B can be an issue as well. But despite the drawbacks, open offices are very beneficial.  They promote openness and allow employees to share information with one another. As a result of that it may lead to new and innovative ideas that you could implement in your organization.
Sometimes it only takes just a 5 minute talk where two employees are exchanging ideas in order for them to come up with something new. If you are working at an organization that is using the open offices method and you are not productive. Here is a great post from inc42 that you could benefit from. Here is an excerpt from it.

5 tips to boost your productivity in coworking spaces

The coworking industry is seeing an unprecedented growth. We live in a shared economy, and I’d define coworking as the sharing of three critical resources one needs to be productive:

Physical (office space)
Logistical (other physical resources)
Intellectual (the whole community with which you can engage and share knowledge to create value for yourself and the community at large)
Coworking is much more than a physical configuration of an office or a workplace definition. Continue reading…..

From my experience, working in an open office can be difficult for newcomers or for introverts. When I first started it was pretty chaotic. Overtime, I began to understand that complaining is not going to change the situation. So I have two choices at the time, leave that work and search for a job within the next couple of months or learn to make my situation better by developing a set of techniques that I could use.

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