Appreciating food by eating mindfully



Restaurant experience


The other day I was at a restaurant eating alone.  So I ordered my food waiting patiently for it to arrive. I then glimpsed to the far upper right section of the restaurant from where I was sitting. I saw this guy just eating his food really fast; he has ketchup all over his shirt. He got about 2 ribs in his mouth while at the same time trying to force bottle of drink down his throat.


It was really funny at first; I think I did even chuckled a bit.  While eating my food though I began to pause continuously throughout the whole process. I then paused for a while probably for 5 minutes, just staring at the food. Looking at the texture, thinking about the processes that went into creating it. A light bulb then came over my head. I knew that I was on to something by just staring at the food and thinking about the essence of it.


So I speed up the process a little and hurried home. While I was home I began to do some research on eating slowly and appreciating food more. I found a lot of information about it; I began to even practice some of the exercises as well.  It helped me out a lot in terms of my outlook on food and I also feel that others out there will benefit from this as well.


Eating mindfully

What I learned is that you have to appreciate what’s in front of you while eating. When you began to appreciate it, if you are used to eating food too quickly. It will help you to slow down your pace. You will begin to feel grateful for what you are eating at that particular moment. Whether it’s a cheese burger, pizza, high end restaurant food etc. Because in reality a lot of persons in the world right now isn’t eating what you are eating.

Some of them either can’t afford to eat any at all or is just eating something else. While eating your food and you began to think about the essence of it. You can then think about how it makes you feel internally. Think about the different processes that go into creating the food. Start from the farmers growing and harvesting the vegetables, taking caring of the animals straight up to the food in your plate right now.


This may seem silly but when you do this it will help you to understand that each food you eat was specially made. When I first tried this, it was pretty frustrating but as I began to learn about meditation and mindfulness. It’s simple for me to do now.Whenever I even go out somewhere to eat. Sometimes persons like to give me that creep stare. Wondering what I am doing by just staring at the food with both hands on my lap.

But I don’t watch that though because I know that it’s benefiting me not them.  After you have done this over a couple of times. Overtime you will cherish each bite you took from the food or even each drink from the cup, bottle etc. Food is really a part of the soul, by smelling the different scents coming from the food. Enjoying the different taste on your tongue, all these different little tips will not just help you to appreciate food more. But can also turn you into a much better chef overtime.


Going forward


By following the tips above, you will see that eating food is not a chore like how some persons might view it. It’s a mixture of enjoyment and mindfulness. I remember going into fast food restaurants where persons were coming out sweating and looking like they were just fighting with the food. Nothing is wrong with that but there is always a better to do it or just simply a more mindful way.


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