Your neighbouring worker may be affecting your productivity

affecting your productivity

If you are working at your job and you just don’t feel like you are working productively. Why not work beside or close to someone who is productive. Probably that may even push you to work harder. In a post written on newyork magazine by cari romm, it clearly talks about this phenomenon. There was a study done which shows that if you work beside someone who is productive it will motivate you to be more productive. When I come to think about it though, this is simple common sense.
Here is an excerpt from the article.

The Key to Productivity Is a Good Desk Neighbor

You may already know from experience that when it comes time to buckle down and concentrate, we tend to follow the lead of whoever’s around us. You focus better when you’re surrounded by people who look like they’re hard at work — one reason why you might actually get more done sitting in a coffee shop than alone in the comfort of your own living room. But as Dylan Minor, a professor of managerial economics at the Kellogg School of Management. Continue reading………
When I used to work at my past companies, I always see the persons who are time wasters grouped up in a particular section pretending to do work and not getting anything done at all. It was really annoying because they used to make a lot of make noises. Additionally they would take credit when the whole collective did great. Luckily they got fired one by one over the period of 3 years.
If you should read the article which I advise you to do. You could see that it’s important to be around productive group of persons. They will push you to work harder and become more productive as well. You don’t want to be around anyone who is not going to make you grow.  We all want persons who can help us add more value to both your personal and career life.

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