7 tips for persons having problems with depression and sleep

depression and sleep

Depression and sleep


When I was depressed, trying to sleep was one of the hardest jobs on earth. That is coming from a guy who owns a small business which at times can get chaotic. I just couldn’t sleep at all; I turned plenty of times throughout the night on the bed. Watch the clock; turn over my pillow to colder side. I tried everything; depression and sleep can be get real difficult at times if you don’t seek help.


The effect of not sleeping well trickled down into my family life. It affected my concentration real bad because my brain was tired. I remember trying to help my wife read through a form. My head started to hurt half way through the process and my eyes started to get a bit watery.  That was the moment when I said to myself, “Hey, you need to something about this now!!!”


After that I began to really pay attention to my sleep patterns. Overtime I have gathered tips from my doctors, friends and found some out myself. That has helped me with my sleep and depression problems. I hope they can help you as well.


Try and avoid sleeping throughout the day

Sometimes when you’re depressed you feel like you tend to feel a bit sleepy throughout the day. It is quite normal when you have depression, but try your best to avoid it. I used to sleep a lot of times throughout the day. It affected my business results which wasn’t pretty at all.

Overtime I began to take medications that built up my immune system, and yes I did drink coffee. That’s the only two things I did, in order to not sleep throughout the day and a lot of will power along with it. Yours maybe different but the end goal is to avoid sleeping throughout the day.


Create a worry period

Sometimes when you’re trying to sleep, there are a lot of thoughts going through your mind. Especially when you have depression, you start to worry and think about a lot of different stuffs and at times they are not even relevant. To clear your head, what you can do is designate half hour to an hour, each day to just clear your mind.

What you are going to do is to write down your current problems, you are facing in your life on a daily basis. You could also jot down little reminders for the next day. These two simple techniques can all help to clear your mind.

Limit your intake of caffeine

As I have stated above that I usually drink coffee to help me to not fall asleep throughout the day while I was going through depression. I never went into specifics. But I usually drink coffee one time throughout the day. And it’s when I just open the office and started to work. When you are too depressed to sleep at night, it’s important to limit your intake of caffeine.

If not, it’s going to affect you later on throughout the night and make it really hard for you to sleep. Keep in mind also that you have other stuff out there that might contain it as well. Such as medications, drinks etc. So be cautious.


Meditate before going to bed

Meditation is a tactic I really love to use before trying to sleep. Probably it’s even one of the most effective ones out there. It really helps with calming my mind and relaxing my thoughts. At first it was hard and for others too, but over a couple months of dedicating myself towards it. It has really helped me.


Develop a downtime period before going to bed

Watching an action movie or even a comedy before going to bed can sometimes be a bad thing when you’re depressed. When you’re trying to sleep, your mind will be flying in all directions. Maybe you will be thinking about the bad guy from the movie. Or remember a funny joke from the comedy. And by doing that, it will be quite difficult for your mind to really settle down.


Also avoid doing a lot of activity, nothing is wrong with having sex but make it more romantic and relaxing.  Otherwise from that during this period stay away from loud noises and a lot of excitement. Just relax.


Stay away from large meals

I used to do this quite often. When I just started out in business and it took over most of my life. It was a very unhappy period for me. I remember eating my dinner after 11:00 p.m. at night, bathe and next go to sleep. Then wondering why I can’t sleep (silly me). Fast forward to now, the lightest thing I eat before going to bed is probably some nuts or an apple.


Change your environment

There was a quote I saw this one time. If I should rephrase it, it would probably be “If you want to change your behavior, your environment needs to change”. This is really true. In order to sleep comfortably. Make certain that your room isn’t clustered, if you sleep with a bed side light use one of those lower watt bulbs. Ear plugs could also help you as well, in order to reduce the noise. Just ensure that your room is organized for you to sleep well.



Wrapping up


That’s it for now guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this and find value out of it. If you are going through depression right now, I wish you all the best with your recovery. It can be a really tough place to be in. If you haven’t went to the doctor as yet. Please go, even if you think it’s gone. It’s important to get the right support and help.


Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below. 🙂


Written by: Sam

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