7 reasons why traditional marriage is dead

traditional marriage


We are living in totally different age now and everything around us is changing at a rapid pace. A part of our lives which is changing so rapidly is marriages. We still look at marriages in a traditional fashion. Which I thoroughly believe is the wrong way to go about looking at it. The partners that are willing to adapt to the changing landscape of marriages and relationships will be the ones that make it out to the end. While the others will just fall wondering what went wrong during the relationship.

Nothing is wrong to be in a typical traditional relationship where the husband would go out to work and leave the wife at home to take care of things. Those days it was much easier for both partners. Now wives or just women in general want to be more independent. They want to go out there and hustle for their own money. I really believe in this and this is just one of the factors which will be discussed below. As a result of that both the husband and wife have to now rethink the way how they are going to handle their relationship.


In this post you are going to see 7 reasons why traditional marriage is dead. When you look at these reasons, it will help to give you an idea of what future marriages will look like and probably help you out with yours.


Cultural convergence

Due to how society is structured today. Persons are travelling more than ever before and settling at different parts of the world and starting families. It could be safe to say that we are now experiencing a massive convergence between various cultures. This will affect the way how marriages should be organized. Because most cultures have different ways of going about doing things and marriages are no exception. Trying to find a balance in this will be very important.

Women are becoming more independent

With the rise of more women in the work force, the stay at home mom who would wash, cook and clean is of no more. This is probably one of the most disruptive factors affecting marriages. This is also causing a lot of marriages to fall apart because both partners are not spending enough time with each other. So they are feeling a bit isolated. But overtime though hopefully persons who are thinking of going into a marriage or are currently in it but having problems. Will surely find a way to sort this out because it’s a huge issue.


The rise of single households

With the rise of single person households, persons are not really into marriages anymore. Marriage is great but these type of persons are just not into relationships at the moment, if ever. They would rather travel the world meeting different people and work in a new city every year. The rise of single person household will not only disrupt marriages. But it will also disrupt the economy and businesses would have to find ways to serve this new market and offer new services to these persons. You can read a great article about it here. Single person household: another look at the changing American family


The rise of interracial marriages

Similarly to the convergence of different cultures, interracial marriages are really on the rise. Due to reasons similar to cultural convergence, interracial marriages are really disrupting the way persons look at marriages. Back then when the world was more divided, persons used to get married to someone from their own race. Now we are seeing blacks getting married to Caucasians, Caucasians married to Asians etc. I find this quite inspiring because it shows us how closer the world has become. You can read a great article about it from this link. Why is interracial marriage on the rise?


Marriages aren’t lasting longer anymore

Honestly, marriages aren’t lasting as long as they once were. This is becoming a huge problem for persons who are considering to get married. There are a lot of factors that are contributing to this and it would be hard to pin point a culprit. But the main point is that marriages aren’t lasting as long as they used to. Traditionally persons expect you to get married, have children and stay together for 20-30+ years. But now those expectations are lowering.


We are now having different types of relationships

Different types of relationships are now popping up. For example the rises of same sex marriages are disrupting the traditional marriage where the both partners have to be from opposite sex. Those types of beliefs are now being torn apart by various organizations that are searching for equality in society. Polyamorous relationships are also becoming more popular. I find tend to find this really interesting. With all these different types of relationships, it’s showing that persons are rethinking the way they look at relationships.


Our social interactions are changing

With the rise of technology and its impact on society, as it becomes more important in our lives.  It’s disrupting the way how we communicate and live. For example our social interactions are changing, now you are having couples talking to each other at separate hemispheres around the world. Back in the day, interactions like that weren’t even possible. Because of these changes it’s affecting how we socialize with each other. And it’s really a step away from how partners in a traditional marriage would interact back then.




Wrapping up

As time goes on, the way we think about marriage is changing and as married couples we have to find ways of how to adapt to these changes. Hopefully this information will help you to become more aware of the changes happening in the marriage landscape.



Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below. 🙂


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