6 tips on managing time at work

managing time at work

Managing time at work

On a daily basis, sometimes it can get very difficult managing time at work. It gets even worse when you’re in a high stakes role. Where you have to attend a lot of meetings, managing employees, trying to meet the overall organization’s goal etc. If you are not careful with your time, as it gets closer to the end of a work day you can come out feeling like you haven’t accomplish anything (I have been there before).


That can at times affect your morale. If you are one of those persons who just can’t seem to manage their time in the work place and get things done on a daily basis. Below are a list tips which you can find pretty useful.

Communicate effectively


Communicating effectively is a tip that a lot of persons seem to overlook. If you are trying to tell your manager or team something which is really important. Try to tell it in as little words as possible. There might be occasions where this strategy may not be that useful. For example when you’re having an important meeting and you have to engage in really important discussion. But majority of the time, try your best to communicate effectively.


Instead of explaining a paragraph of words to someone on the work floor try to do it in a sentence. I remember when I was working at this company where the boss hardly talks. We used to make fun of him a lot calling him names like mannequin. One day I asked him a question, “Why don’t you talk more often”. His reply was epic; he said “By asking me that question and talking to me right now you are wasting my time”. I knew exactly why he never really talk from that very moment.



Organize your environment


Organizing your environment is crucial to managing time at work. If you are in an environment where your desk is messy and it’s covered with papers and other materials. It’s going to be difficult when you want to search for a single document that’s buried in the mess. I used to be in this same situation. And to be honest my desk is even messy right now while writing this (I got to clean it up asap).

So ensure that your environment is organized and everything that you need is around you. You don’t want to waste any extra-time running around like wild mice searching for documents and tools that you’ve lost.


Don’t procrastinate


Procrastination is a killer when it comes on to time management. I have fallen in this trap a lot of times. Although since recently I have strengthened up a lot against it. There are a lot of reasons why you might be tempted to procrastinate in the workplace. Examples would be, your manager giving you boring task to do such as data entry, financial analysis etc. Despite all of that, whatever you do, don’t procrastinate. Get the work done as fast as possible without even let the thought of procrastinating pop up in your mind.



Keep away from distractions

This ties in perfectly with the prior tip because usually distractions always will lead to you procrastinating. While at your organization, try your best to focus on the task you are doing at hand and nothing else. Stay away from gossips, 5 minute chats and get to work. If someone is calling you over for example, “Hey rick I got something interesting to tell you”. Tell them that you don’t want to hear it right now and move on.

If you overheard some guys talking about your favorite sport team or a group of girls talking about a movie, talk show etc. And you know you got important work to do move on. Even if you tell yourself that you are going to just talk for about a minute, don’t do it. Sometimes you will be there just talking and not realizing that the one minute had passed.


Too many meetings

If you are at a company where every day or for most days you have over 3 meetings. Try your best to cut down on your attendance if it’s possible. Most meetings are really time wasters. What can be said in a meeting sometimes can probably be sent as a message to your email.  I personally don’t like meetings at all especially if it’s over an hour.


I normally prefer sprint meetings where you have short 5 – 15 minute meetings covering the most important points. So we can just get on with our work.



Prioritizing your task from important to not so important is really essential. You can’t just pick and choose a task off your to do list. You have to be smart and strategic. Because sometimes you might tick off 3 task off of your to do list and if you would’ve analyze those task properly. You wouldn’t have done them because they weren’t the most important. And now you’ve just wasted your energy doing  a couple task that’s not going to add any significant value to your day.


Hopefully you find these 6 tips useful and you can apply them in the workplace to make managing your time at work easier.


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