6 different types of meditation techniques

Meditation techniques


The first time I started meditating and trying out different techniques. It was a quite daunting task, a lot of persons make meditation look easy but in reality it’s not. I even approach it the wrong way, I was thinking like I was going to master in the first couple of months. But I was really wrong. You have to put in a lot of work upfront in order to learn the different types of meditation techniques. The good thing is that they are very doable.

Later down in my learning process, I speed up my practicing by going to seminars and taking a meditation program. I am not at a monk level yet, but I am satisfied with my progress. Trying out different ways of meditation will help you to explore and discover which meditation method is perfect for you.


One of my favorites is the breath control method, which is basically focusing on your breathing pattern (I will talk more about this later). You have a lot of other ways of meditation which you can see below.


Different types of meditation techniques


Thought control technique


This method is all about controlling your thoughts. You are not just going to control it, you are going to further reduce it as well and eliminate as much as possible. The thought control technique is what outside persons commonly refers to as meditation when they have no idea what overall meditation actually means. To be honest this is really hard for me to do, my mind is always flying in all directions. So it’s kind of hard for me and others as well to settle our mind. And focus on clearing away out all the unnecessary thoughts.

If you can master this technique, you can benefit from this greatly. Looking at the world we now live in with information overload, settling our thoughts is a great skill. I wouldn’t recommend this technique for beginners, but nothing beats a first try so try it out.


Breathing technique

As stated before the breath control technique is the one I liked the most. It’s probably even the most popular method and it’s quite easy for beginners as well. To do this technique, you are going to slow down your breathing and take deeper breaths. Additionally you must focus on each inhale and exhale of your breath.

This technique will help you in stressful situations, when everything seems like they are crashing down. It can also help to bring inner calm into your body. Lastly you can also do this when you’re nervous, for example before giving a presentation or when you are on television for the first time. It will help to reduce your anxiety.


Devotional meditation

For those who are fully committed to a religion. Praying is also another form of meditation. This is when you feel like you are in an enlightened state. Praying to a supreme being, so it can answer your wishes or heal your soul. At this moment you are only concentrating on your supreme being, blocking out all outside forces and thoughts. To ensure that you give it your full attention.

Intensely reading from a sacred scripture can also act as another form of devotional meditation. At this moment you are not focused on anything else otherwise than the reading the text.


Transcendental meditation

This type of meditation is also one of those popular ones that a lot of persons are doing. To do this you have to close your eyes and focus on the sound of a mantra. I have tried it a couple of times and it has really helped me to relax.


Compassionate meditation

When performing compassionate meditation you are concentrating on the feelings of gratitude in your life and compassion. At this moment you are going to use those emotions and focus on a particular area of your life that you are grateful for. You can even focus that emotional energy towards your family, relationship, god etc. A lot of enlightened teacher use this technique to bring inner peace into their life and get a better perspective on the world.


Sound meditation

I have used this type of meditation a few times and it was pretty interesting. Similar to transcendental meditation you are going to focus on a particular audio. This audio can be a peaceful instrumental music, song or even a mantra. Many persons find this technique pretty relaxing and it helps with their stress levels.


I hope you find these 6 different types of meditation techniques useful or at least one of them. Meditation should be an essential part of your lifestyle. A lot of persons have benefited from meditation over the years and a lot will continue to benefit it from it in the future. It would be advisable to start off with the breathing technique as it’s the easiest and it can be a great foundation to build on. Then you can move onto the more difficult techniques to further your growth.

The best advice I can give is to never give up. If you’ve just started out meditating stick to it and overtime a period of time you will begin to see results. That will also lead to you feeling more confident in your abilities.


Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and share your thoughts to the community below.

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